Solomon Sorsa (Professor)

  1. Diploma for completion of 1 year Higher Diploma Program (HDP): a license as a certified professional teacher educator; Debub University, Dilla College of teacher education, Sept. 2003 - June 2004.
  1. Ph.D. in Ecotoxicology, Zhejiang University, Peoples Republic of China., Sept. 1996 - June 1999.
  2. M. Sc. in Biology, Faculty of Natural Science, School of Graduate Studies, Addis Ababa University, Sept. 1990 - June 1992.
  3. B.Sc. in Biology, Faculty of Natural Science, Addis Ababa University, Sept. 1979 - June 1982.



  1. Ecotoxicology and Aquatic science team leader in the department of Biology, Hawassa University, since March 2015.
  2. Associate professor in the department of Biology, Hawassa University, conducting research, teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and thesis research advisor, since August 2010.
  3. Associate professor in the department of Biology, Hawassa college of Teacher Education, November 2009 –July 2010
  4. Associate professor in the faculty of agriculture and rural development, department of Natural resource Management, Wolaita Sodo University, conducting research, thesis research advisor & teaching postgraduate courses, August 2006 – October 2009
  5. Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research, Wolaita Sodo University, August 2006 – December 2008.
  6. Dean, Awassa College of Teacher Education, March 2003 - Feb. 2006.
  7. Assistant professor in the department of Biology Awassa college of Teacher Education, May 2000 - Feb. 2006.
  8. Head, Clinical Chemistry and Immunology Research Team at Southern Nations, Nationalities and people Regional Health Bureau (SNNPRHB), Center for Health Research and Laboratory (CHRL), June 1999 - April 2000.
  9. Head, Parasitology and Entomology Research Team at SNNPRHB, CHRL, January - June 1999.
  10. Health Research senior expert at SNNPRHB, CHRL,, 1995
  11. Head, Awassa based Health Research (Bacteriology) Laboratory, 1993 - 1994.
  12. Secondary (high) school Biology teacher for 11 years, 1982 - 1992.


In addition, participated in different research works and provided research project consultancy service to SNNPR Bureau of Labor and Social Affairs (a UNICEF funded project), Ethiopian Rift Valley Lakes Basin Authority. 



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