International Collaborations

Hawassa University’s International Collaborations in Europe Different Countries are as follows:-

  1. Bern university of applied science, Switzerland
  2. Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany (Beuth)
  3. Botanical garden conservation international, UK
  4. Czech University of Life Science
  5. Frankfurt Frobenius Institute
  6. Ghent University
  7. Institute of Social Studies (ISS)
  8. Justus Liebig University Giessen
  9. Maastricht School of Management
  10. Mendel University, Czec Republic
  11. Molise University
  12. NGDO Catalan Association for Cooperation, Sport, Development and Education, Spain
  13. Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Norway)
  14. Radboud university, Netherlands
  15. Rostock University
  16. Techniche University Dresden, Germany
  17. Technische University Dredsen, Germany
  18. The Scottish Agricultural College
  19. The University of Nottingham
  20. Universitat Hohenehiem
  21. University College Cork
  22. University of Applied Sciences- Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf (HSWT)
  23. University of Bergen
  24. University of Foggia
  25. University of Hamburg, Germany
  26. University of Oslo, Norway
  27. University of Rotterdam
  28. University of Valladolid, Spain
  29. Wageningen University, Netherlands
  30. Embassy of France and to African Union
  31. Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI)
  32. International Labour Organization (ILO)

Hawassa University’s International Collaboration in Africa

  1. Makerere University
  2. North West University, South Africa Research and Scholars Exchange Collaboration
  3. Kenyatta University
  4. The African Forest Forum AFF, Kenya
  5. Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania
  6. African bamboo development project

Hawassa University’s International Collaboration in Asia

  1. University of Nijmegen
  2. University of Delhi, India
  3. China: HU & Tang Chinese Education
  4. Nanjing University
  5. Confucius Institute, China
  6. Korean Foundation
  7. Indian University support, PhD in Aquatic Science, Fishery and Ecotoxicology
  8. Shimanne University
  9. University of kerala, thiruvananthapuram, kerala, India
  10. Korea: MoU with KOICA and the Korean Language Training
  11. Korean University
  12. Parmar University, India

Hawassa University’s International Collaboration in USA & Canada

  1. Alabama A&M University (USA)
  2. University of Saskatchewan (Canada)
  3. Colorado State University (USA)
  4. Oklahoma State University (USA)
  5. Washington State University- WSU (USA)
  6. Wisconsin University (USA)

Hawassa University’s International Collaboration in Arab Countries

  1. Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), Qatar

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