Hawassa University’s Construction Project Office was established in a restructured way in 2013 following BPR. This Construction Project Office is predestined to support the main purposes of the University for which it was established. Its main supportive services are engineering design, contract administration, supervision, monitoring and controlling of projects.

Hawassa University (HU) was established in Hawassa on the 25th of April 2000; at this time there was no Internet connection to speak of, except for a few dial-up connections at some offices. Specifically, there was one in the Library that served one University staff at a time mainly for sending/receiving e-mail messages.

Facility Management and Beautification Directorate (FMBD) are one of the Directorates established under the Business and Development Vice President Office at Hawassa University. FMBD is expected to gather information related to campus beautification and landscape and then plan and implement for the improvement of the campus environment.

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