Berhanu Borji (Professor)


  • 1977-1991: Served Ethiopian Air Force at Asab, Jigiga and Dire Dawa bases up to the downfall of the Derg Regime with the military rank of captain. 
  • 2001 -2017: Served as a Full-Time Lecturer in the Hawassa University, offering the following courses:
  • International  Business (PG class)
  • Business Research Methods;
  • Mathematics for Management,
  • Quantitative Analysis for Business Decision (PG Class)
  • Strategic Management (PG class)
  • International Marketing (PG class)
  • Statistics for Management
  • Introduction to management
  • Business Environment and policy formulation.
  • Organizational Behavior  (PG class)
  • Marketing Management (PG class)    
  • 2001-2003: Served as the coordinator of Management, Marketing and Secretary Science programs           
  • 13, 2008- June 2010: Served as the Head of Management, Accounting and Cooperatives programs as   they were organized by BPR.
  • 2010-2011: Served as the Dean for the School of Graduate Studies, Hawassa University
  • 2012 - 2014: Served as the Dean of Awada Campus at Hawassa University



Levels of Education

Institution Enrolled in/ Country

Year Attended (G.C.)


Third degree

Andhra University, India



Second Degree

Aligarh Muslim University, India



Higher Education

Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia


 BA Degree in Business Management

High School

Dire Dawa Notherdam, Ethiopia


 Certificate for completing high school.

Junior Secondary School

Aleta Wondo Junior Secondary school


 Certificate for completing  8th grade

Elementary school

Teferi Kela, Ethiopia


Certificate for completing 6th grade.



  • Served as advisor and co-advisor for many post-graduate students.
  • Actively involved and contributing professional and extracurricular services to the University.
  • Board membership and high-level committee membership: 
  • Board member of Fura College, Ethiopia;
  • Board member of Ethiopian Red Cross Society, Sidama Zone, Hawassa Branch.
  • Editor of International Journal of Business and Management
  • Editor of SPC ERA International Journal of Science, Technology and Engineering.

Scientific publications contributed

  1. Brehanu Borji (2011).Status of Investment In Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State (SNNPRS) From 1993-2011, Hawassa, Ethiopia: International Journal of Research in Commerce and Management,
  2. Brehanu Borji (2011). Assessing the Impact of Population Explosion On Global Environment, Hawassa, Ethiopia, International Journal of Research in Commerce, Economics and Management.
  3. Karunkaran, Brehanu Borji and Ahmedin Sherefa (2011). Determinants of Cooperatives Members participation in input and output marketing by multipurpose cooperatives- An Empirical Analysis in Tigry Region, Ethiopia, published in Malaysian Journal of Cooperative Studies, ISSN: 1823-5387, Vol. 7: 15-36.
  4. Brehanu Borji and Petros Addise(2012). Assessing factors affecting the performance of Micro and Small Enterprises with reference to Hosanna Town, Ethiopia, Pezzottaite Journals 5 (1): 20-34.
  5. Brehanu Borji and Asfaw Dechasa (2015). Assessing the challenges of Sale of Life Insurance Products with reference to Ethiopian Insurance Corporation in Hawassa District, Pezzottaite Journals 4(3): 1703-1715.
  6. Brehanu Borji (2015). Assessing Post-liberalization Performance of Export-Import Market with special reference to Ethiopian Cotton Textile Industry, Pezzottaite Journals, 4 (3): 1816 - 1827,  ISSN: 2319-9059.
  7. BrehanuBorji (2015). Impact of the reform of Liberalization on Employees productivity of Ethiopian Leather Industry, International Journal of Research in Commerce, IT and Management 5 (7): 34-41, ISSN: 1953-1965.
  8. Brehanu Borji (2015). Impact of Liberalization on Ethiopian Leather Industry: A Comparative Analysis,  Pezzottaite Journals, 4 (2): 1718 - 1733.
  9. Brehanu Borji and Abel Dula (2016). Factors Affecting Core Quality Management Practices: A case of some selected Colleges of Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture, Pezzottaite Journals, 5(1): 2107- 2124.
  10. Brehanu Borji and Mesfin Gashu (2015). Factors Affecting Access to Finance with reference to Micro and Small Enterprise in Dilla Town, Pezzottaite Journals, 4(2): 1733-1741.
  11. Brehanu Borji and Temesgen Tefera(2015). Assessment of the Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction: A Case of Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX),  Pezzottaite Journals, 4(2): 1636 -1645.
  12. Brehanu Borji and Shimelis Nega(April 2015). Impact of Advertisement on Brand Preference of Beer Products with reference to Hawassa City, Pezzottaite Journals 5(1): 1957-1973.
  13. Brehanu Borji(2012). Assessing Causes And Effects Of Ethnic Conflict In Wondogenet Woreda Between The Sidama and Guji-Oromo People, International Journal of Research in Commerce, Economics and Management, 2 (5): 5 - 9.
  14. Brehanu Borji and Aravind Soudikar(2015). A research study on Organizational Culture in Commercial Banks : A case of selected banks in City of Hawassa, Ethiopia, International Journal of Research in Commerce and Management, 2 (1): 19-24, ISSN:2231-1009.
  15. Brhenau Borji and Ravidra(2015). Green Marketing Myopia- A New Marketing Mantra in New Age Marketing, Research Journal of Social Science and Management (RJSSM), 5 ( 2) : 36-42.
  16. Brehanu Borji and Karunakaran(2012). Managerial Perceptions of Climate of Innovation and Organizational Commitment in Private Sector Organizations in Ethiopia, Research Journal SIBAR, Pone, India.
  17. Brehanu Borji and Prasad Rao(2012). The Effect of Cost Concepts on Behavioral Pattern of Product, Share Journal Multidisciplinary Research Studies: An International Platform for Researchers, 3 (1): 22-27.


Book Publication

Brehanu Borji (2010). Impact of Liberalization on Ethiopian Cotton Textile Industry: A Comparative Study of Pre-Liberalization and Post – Liberalization Period Taking the Data of 24 Years (1981-2004), VDM Publishing House Ltd, LAMBERT.

Under Publication Process

Mathematics for Management 


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