Welcome to the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) at Hawassa University (HU)

Hawassa University run above 100 MA/ MSc and 22 PhD programs in various schools/departments across seven campuses. SGS is in charge of the overall activities of graduate programmes offered by HU ranging from issuance of acceptance letter to the compilation of graduate training each year. In addition the SGS is responsible to the task of publishing and distributing a book of theses abstracts conducted by graduate students in partial fulfillment of the requirements for postgraduate degrees every other academic year.

The SGS has recently released a new guideline of graduate studies comprising latest and up-to-date articles in order to facilitate all graduate programmes in coordination with colleges and institutes.

In addition, the SGS has prepared a plagiarism policy for the first time to be used by graduate students, colleges and institutes in order to improve academic training and ensure quality of the education at HU.

It should also be stressed that the SGS had been striving to make its presence felt and facilitate all graduate programmes affectively with the establishment of the CGS. The CGS will start its activity effectively as of the new academic year (September 2020) or Sept. 2013 GC provided that the pandemic doesn’t become a menace to the teaching-learning process.

Some of the activities carried out by the CGS are: placement of graduate students, curriculum revision, controlling the teaching-learning process of graduate programmes, suggesting new graduate programmes based on the Strategic Management Plan (SMP) of HU, supervising defense sessions of all colleges and institutes…etc.

For more information and further explanation about SGS’s activities and related issues you may contact us via the following address:


Dr. Taye Gebremariam Olamo

Associate Professor in TEFL

Dean, School of Graduate Studies, Hawassa University

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