HU is an official IAU Member

Hawassa University is officially an International Association of Universities (IAU) Member since 2021 til now.

On behalf of International Association of Universities (IAU) President, Professor Pam Fredman, as well as the Administrative Board Members has sent an official letter to President of Hawassa University, Dr. Ayano Berasso that welcomed Hawassa University as an official International Association of Universities (IAU) Member.

Welcome letter to Hawassa University

International Association of Universities (IAU) serves as a platform for international networking and cooperation by convening representatives from the global higher education community global conferences and meetings, smaller specialized workshops, as well as webinars focusing on key issues pertaining to the global Higher Education agenda and bringing together experts and leaders from all regions.

By joining the International Association of Universities (IAU), Hawassa University recognized and endorsed the commitment of IAU to uphold and advance the core academic values that the Association considers to be the defining features of universities and all other higher education institutions whose primary goal it is to pursue and disseminate knowledge.  

While noting and respecting differences in context, culture and tradition, HU acknowledge that through its work, IAU strives to achieve common higher education goals and shared ideals, and to transcend such differences as language, economic wealth, political ideology, religious beliefs and others. Included among the core and enduring academic values, identified in the IAU Constitution as underpinning and defining the role of higher education institutions, are the following:

  • Academic freedom in the dissemination, creation and pursuit of knowledge;
  • Institutional autonomy balanced by social responsibility and responsiveness;
  • Excellence and merit as the standard measure of performance;
  • Opposition to all forms of discrimination based on gender, race, religion or ethnicity;
  • Respect for divergent opinion;
  • Promotion and development of intercultural dialogue and learning;
  • Freedom of academic mobility and enhancement of the internationalization of knowledge; and promotion of human rights, justice, freedom, human dignity and solidarity. 

IAU has a mission of building responsible and sustainable societies through accessible, inclusive, and adaptable higher education systems. IAU also offers a series of dedicated thematic platforms for exchange around the IAU priority areas of work: Internationalization, Sustainable Development, Digital Transformation of Higher Education, and Value-based Leadership.

As an IAU Member, HU will receive your login details to benefit from an advanced access to the IAU World Higher Education Database (WHED). IAU welcome package also includes a free subscription to the quarterly Higher Education Policy journal and IAU Horizons, the Association’s magazine published twice a year. The monthly electronic Newsletter will keep us updated not only about IAU activities, but also bring to us a variety of higher education news and opportunities to engage from around the world. HU invite Hawassa University to send us news and updates from Hawassa University so that we can bring it to the attention of the IAU global member network.

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