Walelign Worku (Professor)

Prof. Walelign Worku has a PhD degree from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences in as, Norway with a PhD thesis 'Growth and Productivity of Haricot Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Under different Moisture and Light Regimes.

  • 08/2017- Professor of agronomy, School of Plant and Horticultural Sciences
  • 05/2009-07/2017 Associate professor of agronomy, School of Plant and Horticultural Sciences
  • 01/2003 – 04/2009 Assistant professor of agronomy, Department of Plant Sciences, Hawassa University
  • 09/2010-02/2013 Coordinator, ‘Improving food security in the Highlands of Ethiopia through Improved and Sustainable Agricultural Productivity and Human Nutrition’ project funded by the Canadian International Food Security Research Fund
  • 10/ 2007-05/2009 Head, Department of Plant Sciences, Hawassa University, Hawassa
  • 09/2005 –09/2009 Leader, ‘Enhancing the relevance and opportunity of training in agronomy’ project funded by the World Bank Development Innovation Fund.
  • 05/1993-05/1995; 11/ 2003-11/2005 Head, Agronomy section, Hawassa University
  • 09/1986-12/1997 Served as graduate asst, asst lecturer and lecturer

Prof. Walelign has conducted several funded research projects and authored 25 peer-reviewed articles in the area of pulse agronomy, stress agro-physiology, cereal-pulse cropping systems, and resource use efficiency focusing on radiation and moisture. He has supervised the thesis research of 54 graduate students as major and 24 students as co-advisor and one PhD student as a major and one as co-advisor. Currently, he is supervising four MSc and five PhD students. He is also running two research projects titled; ‘Challenges, opportunities and adaptation strategies of sorghum production under climate change in southern Ethiopia’ and ‘Enhancing food security through improved productivity and nutrition of barley (Hordeum vulgare) in southern Ethiopia: a way towards food security’. He served in many standing and ad-hoc committees and worked on various university affairs.

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