Dr. Mesay Hailu Dangisso

Dr. Mesay Hailu Dangisso (MPH, PhD, Associate Professor of Public Health and Epidemiology)

First of all, thank you for taking your valued time to read my statement as Hawassa University Alumni on this Alumni linking platform in the University’s Website.

I am Mesay Hailu Dangisso (MPH, PhD, Associate Professor of Public Health and Epidemiology) who is one of the former graduates of Hawassa University. I graduated from Hawassa University (formerly Debub University) with BSc in Public Health. After BSc graduation, I joined post-graduate programs and graduated in MPH from Jimma University and PhD in Epidemiology from University of Bergen, Norway.

Since my graduation from Hawassa University, I joined various Regional and Federal offices and Higher Education Institutions and served as Professional, Practitioner and as a Core Person in different High Ranking Administrative Leadership and Advisory positions. Currently, I am working as Director General for Ethiopian Health Institute with rank of State Minister.

To mention some of my work experiences, I worked as Head for Sidama Zone Health Department, Vice President for Administration and Student Services in Hawassa University, Associate Professor of Public Health and Epidemiology in Hawassa University, Chief Administrative and Business Development Director for College of Medicine and Health Sciences in Hawassa University, Chairperson and Principal Investigator, Health and Demographic Surveillance Systems ( HDS) in Hawassa University, Principal Investigator of Saving Little Lives Project in Sidama and Southern Regions, Member of Hawassa University Senate Executive Committee, Board member of Hawassa University Comprehensive Specialized Hospital and Adare General Hospital, Hawassa, Ethiopia, Chairperson and Governing Board of Yirgalem  Hospital Medical College and Chairperson and Governing Board of Furra Institute of Education and Development Studies. During my stay in the University, I engaged and participated in several multidisciplinary research project works and published profound publication that address regional national and international issues which bring impact to my country and the society,

Having mentioning my work experience, what I would like to say generally about Hawassa University as Former Graduate is the academic excellence, engagements, the instructors friendly interaction, knowledge transfer and students team sprit had never let me forget Hawassa university and helped me to achieve the goals of my professional career.

As a final say, I would like to exert my appreciation to International Relations and Alumni Affairs Directorate of Hawassa University for establishing this plat form for Alumni to share their ideas and express their views and opinions about Hawassa University.

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