Ato Anteneh Yigzaw Beyene

My name is Anteneh Yigzaw Beyene. I am one of the 2005 GC graduates of Hawassa University (HU) from the department of Foreign Language and Literature/ DFLL/.

It is a big pleasure for me to give my testimony about the contributions that HU has made in my life. Having said this, what I would like to say generally is ‘the whole academic discipline, the non-academic activities and engagements, the motherly take care of HU and the social and friendly interaction with students of different background had deep-rooted in my four years stay in the university and helped me to achieve the goals and objectives of my life’.

Thanks to the dedicated and disciplined lecturers of the department and the courses streamed in my academic life I became a professional journalist and served in the major print and broadcast media of the country such as Ethiopian Press Agency, Adis Zemen newspaper, Fana Broadcast Corporation, etc. 

Besides, I would like to mention the literature club called” MEQREZ” of HU and the opportunity it created for students and paved the way for me to become a fulltime writer and poet and enabled me to produce different literary and poetic works that value the society. One of the books I wrote recently is the autobiography of Ethiopian entrepreneur in Amharic with the title “የማይሰበረው ኤርምያስ አመልጋ”.

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