Training in Scientific Computing

Training in Scientific Computing for female Graduates of Maths and Statistics at HU.

The Ethiopian-Norwegian Network in Computational Mathematics (ENNCoMat) initiative, operating within the College of Natural and Computational Sciences of Hawassa University, is delivering specialized training in Scientific Computing with Python, exclusively to 18 female graduates of Mathematics and Statistics from diverse universities. The ongoing training is offered by instructors from Norway and Sweden, and it's specifically designed to support female graduates, creating an atmosphere where women can openly collaborate with their colleagues without difficulty.

The trainees had an opportunity to visit the newly established Hawassa University's Botanical Garden, and they were fascinated at the beauty and contents of the place as well as the important professional training they are receiving until September 29, 2023.

Dr. Zerihun Kinfe, the Project coordinator at HU, has pointed out the fact that the training marks the project's second iteration. He remarked that the department of Mathematics at HU has established a longstanding partnership with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), spanning visit several years and encompassing various collaborative projects.

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