3rd National Research Conference

College of Law and Governance organizes the 3rd National Research Conference.

College of Law and Governance, Hawassa University, has organized the third National Research Conference with a theme "Peace, Governance, Justice and Development in Transforming Ethiopia" at the AU Hall, Main Campus.

Dr. Debrework Debebe, Dean of the college, said in his welcoming speech that peace, good governance and justice are the most important pillars of democracy that any nation demands in order to create stable community with sustainable socioeconomic development. He mentioned the fact that Ethiopia is recently suffering from various conflict-related experiences that are caused by various embedded factors which require careful research-based investigations in order to make fair remedial interventions. Dr. Debrework added that the research papers to be presented at this conference are believed to have their own scientific contributions for the academia as well as for policy makers and practitioners within Ethiopian context.

Dr. Ayano Berasso, President of HU, in his opening speech emphasized that peace, justice and good governance are among the crucial democratic components that are required for sustainable development of the country. Hence, he said that promoting peace and inclusive societies, providing access to justice for all, and building strong, effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels are quite important to ensure sustainable development. The president added that strengthening the rule of law, human rights protection and good governance are essential to create stable and peaceful society and all stakeholders including the government, civic societies, academic and research institutions, and the community at large need to work jointly to find long lasting solutions to prevailing conflicts in the country.

Honorable Dr. Demeke Achiso, member of the House of Representatives and academician at AAU, was the keynote speaker at the conference. Dr. Demeke stated that participants of the conference need to properly investigate the interplay of local, national, regional and global geopolitical contexts and come up with alternative policy advises on how to manage the ever-growing security complex in the region and research outcomes of this conference also are expected to promote harmony between peoples and nations and foster prosperity in a sustainable manner. He remarked that nothing else is more pressing and urgent than genuinely asking ourselves why inter-ethnic, religious and other sorts of tensions, wars and conflicts in Ethiopia are simmering now than ever. He called for participants of the conference to engage in constructive key debates in the overlapping areas of conflict resolution, peace building, political communication, security, governance, history, and processes of ensuring economic and political development beyond borders.

A total of15 research papers were presented by researchers from different universities and research institutions in the country.

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