Officials from Sweden Visits HU

Officials from Sweden Visits Hawassa University and Discussed on the Peaceful University Community Project Activities.

The purpose of the visit and discussion is to forge a strategic partnership to promote peaceful university community project activities as per the MOU entered between Hawassa University and Ethiopian Institutes of Peace (EIP) in Collaboration with Life and Peace institutes under the concept of peaceful University community (PUC). The program has also included panel discussions with Hawassa University Officials, Guests, Student representatives, and Community leaders representing university surrounding society.

The President of Hawassa University, Dr. Ayano Berasso has warmly welcomed to the guests that come from Sweden to visit Hawassa University which represents the small country (Ethiopia). Dr. Ayano, explained to guests that the university has been established since 47 years ago and currently running 104 first degree, 141 second degree, 54 PhD programs, and 11 specialty and sub-specialty programs in its three institutes and eight colleges, and teaching more than 32 thousand students in the seven campuses under it. He explained to the guests that Hawassa University has been identified as a research university from the first generation of eight universities based on the Ministry of Education's recent differentiation review of universities in the country. The President stated that Hawassa University is working with community to demonstrate the research results, community service projects and technology transfer works into society.

The President forwarded his thanks to collaborative projects undertaking with international and local organizations and institutions, that the university now in the community serving the interests of the people by conducting a vast number of research activities that make it unique in addressing the critical problems of the community. He added that the Sweden Government support to Hawassa University and Ethiopia will have paramount significance to the country's development and peace building process.  

Mr. Yohanan Yokamo, Director for International Relations and Alumni Affairs Directorate office, has presented an overview of Hawassa University to the visiting officials. Mr. Yohanan also explained the university's international relations and collaborations with national, regional and international institutions.

Following, Mr. Ayele Adeto, who is the Head of President Office, has explained about the 'Peaceful University Community Project' activities at Hawassa University. He mentioned that different dialogues & meetings held with different stakeholders related to peace building initiatives. Mr. Ayele has forwarded that more support is required for more capacity building for other campus students and University communities.

Then, the student representatives and community leader’s representatives who involved in the Peaceful University Community Project held constructive discussions with the University officials and guests. Finally, the officials from Sweden have expressed that they will expand the project to other campus of the university and promised to serve as a bridge for Hawassa University to cooperate and collaborate with different projects in future.

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