HU and ACS leaders Discuss Collaboration

President of Hawassa University, Dr. Ayano Berasso, received leaders of American College of Surgeons at his office to discuss directions for further collaboration on March 21, 2023. It is already remembered that ACS has an ongoing collaboration with HUs College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS) where the Center for Trauma Treatment was established and received international accreditation just last month.

Dr. Ayano welcomed the leaders saying that he is very grateful for what American College of Surgeons has been contributing to enhance the quality of clinical services at the surgery department of CMHS through their existing collaboration scheme so far. He truly appreciated the commitment of the college and its surgeons coming all the way from America to support our young surgeons enhance their career and clinical services. Dr. Ayano pointed out the fact that accidents are quite frequent in Ethiopia and demand is quite bigger than the service capacity at health centers, so the trauma center is of immense significance to at least improve the outcomes of surgery for people who suffer trauma and save more lives at the Comprehensive Specialized Referral Hospital, CMHS.

Dr. Patricia L. Turner, Executive Director of ACS, stated that it should not be thought about quality of clinical care without research. She explained that practicing surgery cannot make sense if not supported with data gathering, review and new insights in the area, even for veteran surgeons. She underlined that knowledge and capacity of operating modern medical equipment and maintenance are as equally important as operating on the patients for proper functioning and sustainability. She indicated that volunteers will help in this area as well as continuing what theyve been contributing so far.

Prof. Dr. Girma Tefera, Medical Director of Operation Giving Back at ACS, on his part mentioned that their college is committed to support the medical faculty at HU especially focusing on building the career capacity of residents in surgery. He underscored four major concerns whenever it comes to quality of the outcomes of surgery: proper space for operation, supplies of consumables, long-term retention plan for experienced staff, and access to high speed internet. Prof. Girma also said that its absolutely necessary to conduct research to excel in the medical career, and volunteers from ACS are always ready and willing to support the residents in training and experience sharing.

Dr. Anteneh Gadisa, Chief Executive Director of CMHS at HU, also expressed a heartfelt appreciation to the ACS as one of the most reliable collaborators the college has with high level of commitment and tangible support to the faculty and the hospital. He expressed his gratitude for the volunteers for their priceless contribution towards human and material capacity building.

Finally, the visiting leaders from ACS and HU leaders agreed to renew the previous MoU to focus on specified areas of collaboration for the future. The delegates from ACS are in Ethiopia to make a field visit to HU Comprehensive Specialized Referral Hospital for detailed in-person review of what has been done following their collaboration scheme with the CMHS.

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