VPRTT Holds discussions with researchers from DIIS, Denmark

VPRTT Holds discussions with researchers from DIIS, Denmark.

Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer, Hawassa University, held a fruitful discussion with researchers and professors from Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) on potentials for future collaboration while they were visiting the university to give a public lecture at Institute of Policy and Development Research (IPDR) on February 27, 2023.


Dr. Tafesse Matewos, VPRTT, explained to the researchers that HU has the longstanding experience of working on collaborative projects with both regional and international partners. He asserted that the university has veteran professors and very energetic researchers who are quite experienced in writing grant proposals, winning grants and executing huge collaborative projects with international partners from across the globe. He added that the collaborative project coordination directorate has been aggressively working on expanding the university’s reach by supporting the staff on grant proposal writing and networking.


The researchers from DIIS, Dr. Neil Webster, Dr. Nauja Kleist and Dr. Ninna Sørensen, have also explained matters that need to be seriously considered while working in collaboration with Danish institutions that are well known for their strict disciplines and grand quality approaches in research and education. They also promised to connect Hawassa University with other relevant institutions in Denmark and neighboring countries to collaborate on areas of common interest for the future. Dr. Emebet Bekele, Director General for Office of External Relations and Communications at HU, has also contributed to the discussion in explaining positive system and channel of communication in place to make international collaboration with HU for any interested institution on the bases of mutual interest and respect.

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