Delegates from Hungary Discuss Potential Collaboration with HU

Delegates from Hungary Discuss Potential Collaboration with Hawassa University.

Delegates from Hungary visit Hawassa University on February 1, 2023 to discuss potentials for strategic partnership and collaboration to promote excellence in research, education and training with Hungarian universities. Hawassa university’s Office of the President and Office of External Relations and Communication received the delegates led by, Mr. Balint Balogh, Head of Trade and Economy at the Embassy of Hungary in Ethiopia.


Dr. Ayano Berasso, President of Hawassa University (HU) has already signed a memorandum of understanding with the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (MATE), so the purpose of the visit follows on how to materialize the collaboration beyond one Hungarian university.


The delegation first visited College of Agriculture in HU where Dr. Zerihun Demirew, Associate Dean for Academic Programs of the college, presented the College’s profile, experiences in research, technology transfer and community engagement as well as identified priority areas for strategic collaboration with international partners followed by Dr. Melinda from MATE presenting same about her university. The presentation was followed by short discussion with the staff and researchers of the college and the guests have toured through the research and technology transfer infrastructure of the college. It is known the HU’s college of Agriculture has well established laboratory facilities and centers of excellence mostly enriched by its international partners. 


During their meeting with the President of HU, Dr. Emebet Bekele, Director General at the Office of External Relations and Communication, presented an overview of Hawassa University to the visiting delegates so their discussion extends farther on potentials for partnership with other Hungarian institutions with HU. The president explained that agriculture is one of the top research priority areas of Hawassa University, one of the two pioneering universities in the country to have agricultural education and research as their foundation. Dr. Ayano also remarked that agriculture remains among the top priority areas with well-established centers of excellence seconded by Medicine and Health Sciences. He added that the experiences from the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences in agricultural research and education will be of paramount significance if properly shared to his university through staff and students exchange programs, joint research and curricula as well as strengthening research and technology transfer infrastructure.

Finally, the Hungarian delegates expressed their heartfelt appreciation of the reception by Hawassa university officials and promised to realize the partnership and collaboration with the university. Mr. Balogh stated that their visit was quite fruitful as they could identify multiple areas of potential collaboration aligned to the Hungarian needs and expectations to excel in agriculture, trade and internationalization. He added that the Embassy of Hungary will serve as a bridge between Hawassa University and Hungarian universities to cooperate and exchange experiences on areas of common interest.

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