Program on the Current Situation in Ethiopia

HU organizes a Briefing program on the Current Situation in Ethiopia for Expatriate Staff and international students.

The International Relations and Alumni Affairs Directorate in collaboration with the College of Law and Governance organizes a briefing program on the Current Situation in Ethiopia to expatriate staff and international students of Hawassa University on December 14, 2021.

Dr. Ayano Berasso, President of Hawassa University, pointed out in his opening speech that Ethiopia played key roles in the pan-African movement to fight the colonial powers as the only independent African nation. He also mentioned the fact that Ethiopia has been one of the largest contributors to the UN peacekeeping missions in Africa and beyond. Dr. Ayano added that the conflict between TPLF and the federal government of Ethiopia has grown to full-fledged war following the November, 2020 attack on the northern command of the ENDF by TPLF defying all the peaceful resolutions the federal government attempted to use before. However, Dr. Ayano added, the TPLF army emboldened by the support of its Western allies has been exerting immense economic, political and diplomatic pressures on the federal government of Ethiopia due to their own political and economic interests. Cognizant of these political and diplomatic pressures on Ethiopia, Ethiopian citizens are currently engaged in public diplomacy activities to present Ethiopia’s truth to foreigners. He explained the aim of the briefing as an attempt to clarify the Current Situation in Ethiopia and counter the western media's misinformation and disinformation campaigns on Ethiopia.

Dr. Nigus Belay who is an Asst. Prof. of political science at HU presented the historical genesis of the current situation in Ethiopia from the time of EPRDF. He stated that the Ethiopian government has tried to settle the political difference with TPLF peacefully, but all the efforts were fruitless as the TPLF ignored and unconstitutionally made foreign contacts, conducted election and finally attacked the Ethiopian National Defense Force of the Northern command. He also presented the USA and its western allies' diplomacy, political and economic pressure on Ethiopia.

Mr. Yohanan Yokamo, Director of the International relations and Alumni Affairs Directorate Director and Lecture of Law, briefed the expatriate staff and international students on the state of emergency proclamation enacted at the National level and Directives at the Sidama regional state level. He also reminded them to always carry proper ID cards and their residence permit with them. In addition, he recommended that everyone needs to respect the law and serve as Hawassa university's diplomats in delivering the truth and realities of the current situation of Ethiopia to their partners within their networks.

The participants of the briefing also raised some questions and the president and presenters clarified them duly.


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