Hawassa University holds a half-day Consultative workshop on teachers’ training.

Hawassa University holds a half-day Consultative workshop on teachers’ training.

Dr. Eng. Fiseha Getachew, Vice President for Academic Affairs of Hawassa University, opened the workshop with a moto “Quality Education for all” held at the African Union Hall, main campus. In his opening speech, the VP said that, “the government is thriving to improve quality of education by boosting teachers’ professionalism and creating responsible teachers at all academic levels.” He reminded the participants that Hawassa University has recently been selected as one of the ten research universities in Ethiopia in an attempt to produce efficient and internationally competent graduates.

Dr. Fiseha underscored that producing professional teachers who will play a significant role in shaping generations of students through all activities of their daily lives beyond the classroom boosts the efforts of ensuring educational quality. He added that Hawassa University considers practicum as one of the crucial mechanisms to enhance teachers’ capacity and thereby boost quality of education at large.

Dr. Zeyitu Gashaw, Dean at the College of Natural and Computational Science, added that lack of commitment and practices with professional accountability are the main challenges identified in the sector. He pointed out that Hawassa University has formed vast partnership between schools and teachers’ education colleges to involve candidate teachers in pre-service practicum programs.

The dean added that there is additional program known as Post Graduate Diploma Training (PGDT) that was arranged by the government for teachers trained in the fields of engineering, medicine and other applied subjects with the goal of equipping them with teaching methodologies.

The half-day consultative workshop involved Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology teachers at senior secondary schools in Hawassa city administration and other stakeholders.

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