Congratulation to Hawassa University for its International Recognition!

Hawassa University is selected for International Competition of "University of the Year 2021" by International Achievements Research Center (IARC).

Based on research of achievements and contributions to education and science, Hawassa University is selected by the IARC Selection Committee and pre-qualified for the nomination for the International Competition "University of the Year 2021".

The International Competition “University of the Year” provides an opportunity for higher education institutions to demonstrate their achievements to a vast and growing global community. Paying particular attention to universities in countries with economies in transition and developing economies, it aims to highlight all the great achievement that higher education institutions in these countries have shown over the years. Thus, the University of the Year title will be awarded to the higher education institutions that are nominated and demonstrated exceptional performance during the academic year.

Also, within the framework of the Competition, the Chancellor/Rector of the University can be nominated for the title “Rector of the Year 2021”. In this regard, President of Hawassa University, Dr. Ayano Berasso will compete for the title “Rector of the Year 2021” representing Hawassa University.

Wishing the success of Hawassa University and its representative with this competition, and the university shall keep competing with its achievements on this international competition!

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