Institute of Technology hosts 3rd National Conference on Aspiring the Future in Engineering and Technology

During the opening speech on 7th May 2021 at the main campus, Hawassa University President Dr. Ayano Berasso said that the new national science policy and strategy of the country had clearly shown the importance of conducting scientific knowledge production at higher education institutions, among others, and developing science culture.

According to his saying, in the community, to pave the avenue towards meeting the goals of development and prosperity of the country at large, the role of a scientific gathering like this conference is significant in many aspects and it helps to achieve this vital national goal as well. He added that it would be his trust that the research conference creates, on one hand, an opportunity for different parties to observe the different research works conducted at a national level in solving the problems of humanity and, on the other hand, a platform for learning from others.

A Scientific Director of the Institute, Dr.Fasika Bete, during his welcoming speech, said, "We are now living in a much smaller world with interconnected information and communications technology, myriad of networks, including the internet, that is, changing the face of business in the world." He further added, “In this respect, our country is expecting a lot from us and this conference is just beginning for finding solutions for our challenges. It is not going to be easy to sort out a large amount of technological development coming onward, but one thing is for sure: The pace is growing a lot faster and we are expected more comprehensive, thematic based researches, technology transfers, and better community services and we need to work to a better quality of life for us and society at large.”

The theme of the conference was on the subject of Aspiring the Future in Engineering and Technology and the researchers from the Ethiopian universities and abroad diversely presented their researches output in the theme boundary. Finally, the participants made a crucial discussion around the presented issues and forwarded constructive ideas.


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