Workshop for Digital Content

HU Organizes Review Workshop for Digital Content.

Faculty of Informatics at Hawassa University has organized a validation review workshop to improve digital contents for the Master of Education (MEd) in Educational Technology and Innovation (EdTI) with the support of NURTURE Project on June 19, 2024.

The proposal for digital content design is handled by the first batch of EdTI postgraduate students as part of their practicum with monitoring and quality control support from selected subject matter experts of the university.

While introducing the goal of the review workshop, Dr. Tesfaye Bayu who is a Director of e-learning and NURTURE Project coordinator at HU remarked that the concept of digital content development was meant to take advantage of the recently established e-learning infrastructure through the e-SHE project at the university. He added that the plan was to blend the e-content with face-to-face learning by getting technical support from ICT professionals. Hence, he pointed out that the aim of the review workshop was to enrich the designed digital content with professional inputs from experts.

Dr. Zufan Bedewi, Dean of the College of Natural and Computational Sciences, presented a detailed expert’s review of the designed digital course content where she appraised the students’ effort as a great starting point in diversifying educational access and quality. The other reviewer was Dr. Anteneh Wasyihun from college of Education and Behavioral Sciences.

Dr. Fasika Bete, Scientific Director of IoT at HU, also appreciated the efforts of the students and the coordinators for trying to meet the timely need of technology-assisted education for the new generation of students. He also sincerely appreciated the unwavering support from NURTURE Project in realizing the digital content development.


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