SDGs Advocacy Club Established at HU

SDGs Advocacy Club Established at Hawassa University.

Hawassa University students have established a new club named SDGs Advocacy Club with the aim of laying the foundation for the establishment of a ‘Centre for Food Security and Climate Change’ (CFSCC) to ensure the sustainability and progress of CLIFOOD project outcomes in the long term, on June 15, 2024.

CLIFOOD Project Scientific Director at HU, Prof. Tesfaye Abebe, welcomed the founding members of the club where he highlighted on the necessity of sustaining the good outcomes of the project among the young generation so the efforts to ensure food security in the face of climate change continues.
Dr. Sintayehu Yigrem, Coordinator of CLIFOOD Project at HU, also presented details on sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the club’s inclusive nature as anyone from across all disciplines can contribute towards the world’s better future.

The newly founded club has its own bylaws presented by Dr. Hirut Getachew, a postdoctoral scholar in CLIFOOD Project, which outlines all the regulations and structure governing the club. According to the bylaw, SGDs Advocacy Club at HU will involve students, faculty and staff of the university interested to contribute towards raising awareness about the importance of SDGs; protecting the environment, and enhancing food security in the face of climate change; to promote community engagement on environmental protection activities such as waste management, tree planting and sustainable management and utilization of natural resources; and to develop environmentally conscious students by linking teaching with practical application of SDG principles and goals on the ground, and more.

A total of 122 students from across six campuses of HU and five faculty members have registered for membership on the date of establishment.

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