Workshop for Thematic Research Projects

HU Organizes Review Workshop for Completed Thematic Research Projects.

Office of Vice President for RTT, Hawassa University, has organized a two-days' review workshop to evaluate 23 completed thematic research projects at AU Hall, main campus from April 24-25, 2024.

Dr. Ayano Beraso, President of HU, said in his opening speech that the university is working on a strategic plan to transform into an autonomous research university within the coming 3 years, and he highlighted the positive changes observed in the momentum of its research undertakings in recent years. In this regard, he appreciated the growing number of female staff participation in research, staff publication on reputable journals and improved quality and relevance of research projects, yet pointed out the need for more efforts.

The V/President for RTT, Dr. Tafesse Matewos, also stated that HU has revised its research strategy to accentuate with the need for research projects to address societal and industrial needs aligned with the national research strategy and differentiation implementation strategy. With the transition to autonomous research university, Dr. Tafesse pointed out that it is important to improve staff profile, increases research publications and the proportion of graduate students, conduct joint researches with industries, admit international students and expand joint graduate programs among other activities.

Dr. Rahmeto Abebe, Director of Research Programs, presented an overview of research activities, types, dissemination of findings, publications, capacity building strategies implemented over the last three years. These included the achievements of HU in conducting several research projects ranging from small-scale disciplinary to large-scale multidisciplinary, on areas of national and international importance mainly funded from the state treasury though significant research grants were obtained from international partners.

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