Annual forum for collaborative projects

HU organizes Annual Review Forum for Collaborative Projects.

Office of Vice President for Research & Technology Transfer of Hawassa University, in collaboration with NORAD-ICP V project, has organized an annual review forum of Collaborative Projects at the Main Campus.

Dr. Ayano Beraso, HU President, stated in his opening speech that several collaborative projects at the university are striving to generate evidence to improve practices and build capacity of staff and students. He mentioned that more than 88 collaborative projects are currently working on human and material capacity building, problem-solving researches and community service activities. The president expressed a heartfelt gratitude to international and regional partners for working with HU, the scientific staff of HU for winning grants and their responsible execution of the projects, and the administrative efforts of office of VPRTT at HU for enabling those projects.

In his presentation on the overviews of collaborative projects at HU, Prof. Mebratu Mulatu, Director of Collaborative Projects' Coordination at HU, highlighted major activities of the directorate, distribution and trends of CP across colleges and institutes, secured grants, number of staff involved in grant writing trainings, calls distributed and new collaborative projects, participation of staff in CP, capacity building by CP, CP in research and publication, projects overhead costs, opportunities for donors and researchers as observed over the years. He also pointed out challenges related to the administration of collaborative projects and opportunities in strengthening future efforts.

A total of 11 collaboration projects have been presented with their activities, themes, progresses and experiences in different areas of collaboration. The presentations were followed by plenary discussions and feedback as the platform is meant to share experiences across the projects and develop transparency.

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