Library Overview

The service of Hawassa University Library System began with the establishment of the then Debub University in 2000, through the merger of three independently operating colleges in the southern region namely: Awassa College of Agriculture, Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Dilla College of Teacher Education and Health Sciences (now Dilla University). Currently, a number of branch libraries emerged together with the increasing number of faculties and the expansion of the university’s purchase and finance system. Hence there are nine branch libraries these are:  

  • COA Campus (College of Agriculture) branch library
  • CMHS Campus (College of Medicine and Health’s Sciences) branch Library
  • Institute of Technology campus (IoT) branch Library
  • The Main Campus (the seat of four colleges) branch Libraries
  • Wondo Genet Campus (WCFNR) Branch Library
  • Awada Campus (College of Business and Economics Branch Library
  • Bensa Daye Campus, (Bensa Daye) Branch Library

The main library, which is located at the main campus, is organized into sections (digital library cataloguing, circulation, periodicals and documentation). It is also assumed to oversee library services in all Campuses. Since its establishment, the library supports the university to bring academic excellence through the provision of access to knowledge, information sources, and services that fits the needs of its diverse user community.

Hawassa University library acquires books, journals, magazines, electronic materials and other documents required for undergraduate and graduate level teaching and research through procurement and donations. The library also provides Internet services for both graduate and undergraduate students.


In carrying out this vision, HU Library will speed up its effort to acquire, manage, and provide information resources, both in electronic and printed formats, and will also provide information literacy course to enable users to identify, locate, and use e-resources adequately, so that users will empower and benefit from the full potential of the universe of knowledge. As more than a physical place, the Library will use state-of-the-art technology to provide information to users beyond its walls.


Ever to Excel!


  • Developing need-based collection and managing library resources efficiently and effectively.
  • Identify and providing learning resources to teachers, researchers, and students.
  • Establishing a conducive environment to study caters for multiple learning styles.  
  • Liaising with users to meet their needs and cooperate with others university libraries services.
  • Training users and staffs to develop their information exploitation skills for effective utilization of information resources.  
  • Carrying out appropriate developmental work in library system and information professionalism with the aim of improving library’s multiple purpose services. 
  • Maintaining effective links with other systems at domestic as well as international level facilities and services.

Library Facilities

There are many facilities in the library that would enhance HU's endeavor in the teaching-learning process, research and community services. Some of these facilities include:

  • Digital Library Service
  • Institutional Repository Service
  • Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) Service
  • Electronic Journal Service
  • Circulation Service
  • Documentation Service

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