ASU Collaboration with CMHS, HU

Appalachian State University, Hawassa University, collaborate on 'High Fidelity Simulation' training.

Appalachian State University, USA, has launched an institutional collaboration with College of Medicine & Health Sciences, Hawassa University, to provide trainings on "High Fidelity Simulation", a healthcare education methodology that involves the use of sophisticated life-like manikins in realistic patient environment.

The two universities have forged their cooperation through a shared partnership between Dr. Emnet Tesfaye (MD, EMCC), Hawassa University and Prof. Lee Mark Wittmann (M.Ed. NC Paramedic, CHSE), Appalachian State University. The intended 'High Fidelity Simulation' training has so far been delivered to 198 EMTs, physicians and nurse professionals from different hospitals at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences Sim lab, HU. The collaboration will also provide technical and education expertise for curriculum development and innovative simulation-based learning models for a newly forming Emergency Medical Services (EMS) System in Hawassa city.

In addition, high fidelity complex manikins, also known as human patient simulators that mimic human anatomy and physiology, worth $14,000 were bought for the Sim. laboratory through a grant money obtained from the US State Department, Reciprocal exchange program and Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund 2023 Competition, the first of its kind in Hawassa University.

HU President, Dr. Ayano Beraso, has met Appalachian State University delegates Prof. Lee Wittmann along with Prof. Rebbecca Listern, Prof. Brian Macknel, and Paramedic Pat in his office to discuss ways of strengthening further collaborations between the two universities. The president has extended a sincere gratitude on behalf of Hawassa University and himself to the US Embassy in Addis Ababa and Appalachian State University, USA for choosing his university for cooperation. He has also thanked Dr. Emnet Tesfaye for the wonderful job she's been doing at the CMHS including such collaboration she succeeded to secure for the institution.

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