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Ongoing and Newly Approved Thematic Research

Thematic research is one of the types of multidisciplinary research. Thematic research is a recent type of research at Hawassa University. It was launched in 2017. Thematic research should better include at least three sub-components from different disciplines and be consistent with the priority thematic areas of Hawassa University. Thematic research could take two or more years to finish. Concerning funding, there is no ceiling on the amount of funding that will be allocated for thematic research. The funding of the thematic research will depend on the depth of the thematic research. 

The following are the ongoing and newly approved thematic research lists by Hawassa University academic staff.

Thematic Research Projects Undertaken In 2015 EC


College of Agriculture

  1. Production and value addition to underutilized root crops to improve food/feed security and livelihood of farmers in Sidama, Southern Ethiopia: Promoting sweet potato and 2012 - 2014

Dr. Dereje Haile (PI),

Coresearchers: Dr. Tadesse Fikre, Dr. Merga Bayissa, Mr. Zerihun Teshome, Mr. Biruk Bogale, Mr. Gezahegn Nigusse, and Mr. Beruk Berhanu

  1. Improving the utilization of fruit by – products and crop residues in vitro and the feeding value of avocado residue as a replacement to concentrate in sheep feeding . 2020 - 2023

Prof Ajebu Nurfetta (PI),

Coresearchers: Sintayeh Yigrem(Ph.D.), Abule Guye(MSc), Dereje Getahun (MSc), Yassin Hassen, Mesfin Eshete, Tiruha Habte (MSc) & Shiferaw Ayele

  1. Evaluation and popularization of acid tolerant barley lines in acid prone areas of Southern Ethiopia. 2021-2025

Prof Walelign Worku (PI),

Coresearchers: Dr. Hewan Demissei & Mr. Berhan Abate

  1. Marker Assisted Avocado Breeding, mass propagation for root rot resistance, and Rhizobacteria remediation in Ethiopia. March 2022 – February2027

Dr. Hewan Demissie  (PI),

Coresearchers: Dr. Dawit Tesfay (SCPI), Dr. Elfinesh Shikur, Dr. Yayis Rezene, Dr. Amsalu Gobena, Dr. Hussien Mohammed Beshir (SCPI)

  1. Soybean [Glycine max (L.). Merr.] Popularization, Agronomic and Nutritional Evaluation, and Product Development for Agro-processing Industry Linkage in the Sidama Regional State, Ethiopia: An Integrated. March 2022 – February 2024

Dr. Tewodros Ayalew (PI) 

Coresearchers: Tarekegn Yoseph (PhD), Haimanot Beruk , Berhe Harguy, Gezahegn Nigussie , Abadi Gebre (PhD), Teshome Kasahun,Deribe Kaske (PhD), and Zenebe Worku (PhD)

  1. Improvement Of Cassava Germplasm, Productivity And Utilisation To Ensure Food Security In Sidama Region

Dr. Hussien Mohammed (PI & SCPI),

Coresearchers: Tesfaye Tadess (SCPI), Selamawit Abera, Beruk Berhan (SCPI), Tadesse Fikre, Workalemahu Tesew (SCPI), and Zerihun Ganew

March 2022 – February2025

  1. Exploratory Studies on Azolla Biomass (Azolla pinnata) as a Novel Resource for Enhancing Agricultural Productivity, Food Security and Rural Development at the Expense of Climate Change Impacts in Ethiopia

Dr. Merga Bayissa (PI),

Coresearchers Seid Ali, Dr. Haile W/Aregay, Dereje Getahun, Ashenafi Haile (SCPI), Dr. Mergia Abera (SCPI), Dr. Alemayehu Kiflu,  Dr. Meseret Tessema (SCPI), March 2022 – February2025

  1. Exploring Genetic Diversity, Alternative Feed Resources and Major Diseases of Small Ruminants and Poultry for Climate Resilient Animal Productivity in Sidama Region

Dr. Simret Besha (PI & SCPI),

Coresearchers Prof. Aberra Melesse, Dr. Amsalu Sisay (SCPI), Assefa Tadesse, Birara Tade, Dr. Eyob Mesganaw, Dr. Kefyalew Berihun ,Dr. Mestawet Taye, Gutu Yemane, Mr. Assefa Tadesse, Mr. Gelaye Gabisa, Mr. Habtamu Hawaz , Prof. Dessie Shiferaw (SCPI),Dr. Merga Bayisa

Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer

  1. Electromagnetic Energy induced Mobilization of starch from root to shoot to regulate the growth of Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)

Amsalu Gobena (PhD) (PI)

Mihiret Denanto (PhD), Alemu Dessa (PhD), Bereket Medihine &  Selamawit Abera

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