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Ongoing and Newly Approved Thematic Research

Thematic research is one of the types of multidisciplinary research. Thematic research is a recent type of research at Hawassa University. It was launched in 2017. Thematic research should better include at least three sub-components from different disciplines and be consistent with the priority thematic areas of Hawassa University. Thematic research could take two or more years to finish. Concerning funding, there is no ceiling on the amount of funding that will be allocated for thematic research. The funding of the thematic research will depend on the depth of the thematic research. 

The following are the ongoing and newly approved thematic research lists by Hawassa University academic staff.

On-going and newly approved thematic research in 2014 EC

College of Agriculture

  1. Screening common bean (PhaseolusVulagris L.) accession for moisture stress adaptation and nitrogen fixation: Phenotypic and Physiological) Amsalu Gobena (PI), Dr. Meseret Tesema, Dr. Andargachew Gedebo, Dr. Girma Abera, & Dr. Temesgen Magule
  2. Mycotoxin analysis of Maize (Zea mays) grains from southern Ethiopia and elevation of factors affecting mycotoxin contamination Elfinesh Shikur (PI), Dr. Hirut Tsegaye, Prof. WalelignWorku, Mr. Melkamu Dugassa, Mrs. Tigist Yimer, & Dr. Alemayehu Kiflu
  3. Production and value addition to underutilized root crops to improve food/feed security and livelihood of farmers in Sidama, Southern Ethiopia: Promoting sweet potato and anchote. Dr. Dereje Haile (PI), Dr. Tadesse Fikre, Dr. Merga Bayissa, Mr. Zerihun Teshome, Mr. Biruk Bogale, Mr. Gezahegn Nigusse, & Mr. Beruk Berhanu
  4. Evaluation and popularization of acid tolerant barley lines in acid prone areas of Southern Ethiopia. Prof Walelign Worku, Dr. Hewan Demissei & Mr. Berhan Abate
  5. Assessment of Education, Health, Agriculture, and market related factors affecting nutritional status around Lake Hawassa, Ethiopia Fikadu Reta, Derese Tamiru, Hailu H/Mariam, Gezahegn Niguse, Asfaw Zewdie, Dr. Zeleke Arficho,  Alemneh kebeta, Biruktawit Teferi, Dr. Zerihun Demerew, Dereje Getahun & Alazar Kirubel
  6. Improving the utilization of fruit by – products and crop residues in vitro and the feeding value of avocado residue as a replacement to concentrate in sheep feeding Prof Ajebu Nurfetta , Sintayeh Yigrem(PhD), Abule Guye(MSc), Dereje Getahun (MSc), Yassin Hassen, Mesfin Eshete, Tiruha Habte (MSc) & Shiferaw yele

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

  1. Health and Demographic Surveillance System: Interdisciplinary Research for Better Health. Gezehagn Bekele (PI) (former PI was Dr. Selamawit Mengesha) , Dr. Mesay Hailu, Mr. Alemu Tamiso, Dr. Andargachew Kassa, Dr. Dejene Hailu, Dr. Henock Tadele, Mr. Gezehagn Bekele, Mr. Berhan Tsegay, Mr. Derese Daka, Mr. Solomon Ergando, & Dr. Solomon Asnake
  2. Health, economic, psychosocial burden and care practice of diabetes in Southern Ethiopa. Dr. Kinfe Woldu (PI), Dr Andregachew Kassa , Mr.Demisew Gebru  , Dr. Aweke Amzaye , Dr. Deribe Workineh Adamu   , Mr. Dawit Hoyiso  , Mr. Bereket Beyene  , Mr. Getnet ,Kassahun, Mr. Bealu Tukela  , Mr. Terefe Markos  , Mr. Mohammed Ayalew, Mr. Gemechu Kediro, Mr. Yonas Alemayehu, Mr. Tomas Yeheyis, Mr. Tesfaye  Moges , Mr. Tsegaye Terefe , Mr. Alemneh Kabata, Mr. Wegene Markos,
  3. Reason for delayed presentation of trauma patients’, pre-hospital care, treatment outcome and economic burden of trauma patients in a resource limited setting in southern Ethiopia: A prospective multicenter study. Dr Mengistu Gebreyohanes, Sintayehu Bussa, Dr. Emnet Tesfaye, Ephrem Gebrehana, Dagnachew Yohannes, Henok Esayas, Bethlehem Metaferia, Lewam Mebrahtu, Andualem Yehualashet, Fanuel Belayneh, Amanu Gashaw, Kidanemariam Tamrat, Anteneh Gadisa, Dawit Jembere, Taye Gari, Sisay Dejene ,Ephrem Lejore, Yoseph Betore, Abel Tesfaye, Kindalem Worku, Ewunetu Zeleke, Yidnekachew W/meskel & Adane Wako
  4. Health, Social, and Economic impacts of COVID-19 pandemic and the role of indigenous institutions and civic organizations in selected districts of Sidama Regional States, Southern Ethiopia. Dr Abel Gedefaw, Dr. Debrework Debebe, Dr. Emnet Tesfaye, Muhamed Ayalew, Dr. Sintayehu Hailu, Siraj Hussien, Dr. Misganaw Worku, Dr. Dejene Hailu & Dr. Mesay Hailu
  5. Evidence based professional practice in clinical, public health and design decisions of health care facilities at Hawassa city [utilization of evidence based practice  and adoption of new medical technology]   Dr Negash Tagesse, Dr Markos Mathewos, Dr Andregachew Kassa, Dr Kindalem, Mebratu Esubale, S.r Emnet Kebede, Mr. Demisew Gebru, Mr. Bereket Beyene, Mr. Getnet Kassahun, Mr. Terefe Markos, Mr. Mohammed Ayalew, Mr. Yonas Alemayehu, & Mr. Tomas Yeheyis, Mr. Terefe Woyo, Mr. Tariku Nigussie, S.r Martha Girma  , Mr. Nana Chea , Mr. Abebe, Tamrat, & Tariku Nigussie

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