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Ongoing and Newly Approved Disciplinary Research

Disciplinary research is a type of research with the framework of a single discipline directed towards a specific goal. It is a type of research that can usually be completed within one year. Disciplinary research started many years ago, and it has been the major type of research at Hawassa University for a long time. Disciplinary research can be carried out by a single researcher or more than one researcher.

The following are the ongoing and newly approved disciplinary research lists by Hawassa University academic staff.

Disciplinary Research Proposals Approved in 2015 EFY ( 2022/23)

College of Natural and Computational Sciences

  1. Evaluation of Different Rates of NPS on Growth and Yield Performances of Garlic (Allium sativum L.) Varieties in Sidama Region, Ethiopia. Eshet Lakew and Tegegne Bayih
  2. Effectiveness of physician's physical exercise advice on patients with non-communicable chronic diseases in Sidama Region. Wondiye Aychiluhim and Andualem G/Sillase
  3. Investigation of Hot Spring Sites Using Geophysical and Geochemical Methods: A Case Study of Hawassa Caldera and Its Environs, Central Main Ethiopian Rift, Ethiopia. Tsegereda Ayalew, Gemeda Demesie, and Bekele Ayele
  4. Determinant of Modern Contraceptive Awareness and Utilization Among Street Women in Sidama Region, Ethiopia: Bayesian and Classical Approach. Mheret Genene
  5. Gold Mineralization Evaluation in the Gambelto Catchments of The Sidama Regional State, Ethiopia Tizita Geresu, Bekele Ayele, Jeevanandam M, and Tsegereda Ayalew
  6. Synthesis And Invitro Inhibitory Effects of Quinoline Derivatives against Haemonchus Contortus in Boricha District, Sidama Region, Ethiopia. Finot Aklilu, and Dagne Addisu
  7. Molecular detection and antimicrobial susceptibility test of salmonella from food samples and diarrheic patients collected from selected districts of Sidama regional state, Ethiopia. Dr. Alemayehu Gebeyehu
  8. Seasonal Difference on Anthropometric and Physical Fitness variables in young male Football Players: the case of Sidama Regional State. Dr Nigusu Tegene, and Tamirat Erjabo
  9. Collection and propagation of indigenous and endemic plant species in the Botanical Garden of Hawassa University: As ex-situ conservation strategy. Firew Kebede


Institute of Technology 

  1. Landslide Susceptibility Assessment in Hawassa City Sidama Regional State, Ethiopia. Bereket Bezabih
  2. Groundwater Flow Modelling and Analysis In The Ethiopian Rift: Numerical Modeling Approach Applied To Lake Hawassa Sub-Basin. Alene Mitiku, and Lemlem Teklu
  3. Experimental investigation on mechanical properties of geopolymer concrete made from textile effluent. Bereket Amare, Melaku Mamo, and Daniel Alemayehu
  4. Design And Control System Of -Partially Autonomous Vehicle: Study on Challenges, Opportunities, And Future Implications for Transportation Policies, In Ethiopia. Dawit Tafesse, Manaye Majora, Mebratu Tufa, and Daniel Asrat
  5. Evaluation of the Current Status Of Productivity And Management System Of Agricultural Machinery: The Case Of Elfora Agro-Industry Plc and Makassar Agricultural Research Center /Marc/ Etsegenet Fikru, and Tarekegn Elias
  6. Product development and Physico-Chemical Characterization of Organic fertilizers to be made from Waste Human Hairs and Barred Bones. Mulugeta Kebede, Tarekegn Yohannis, and Dagne Abetie
  7. Investigation of the Reactive Extraction Process for the production of Biodiesel from Castor Seed. Asrat Amare
  8. Preparation of Manufacturing Industry Road Map and Strategic Plan in Sidama Regional State. HU-the Sidama Regional States Trade and Industry Bureau joint project


Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources

  1. Investigating Bio-Energy Potential from Cow Manure and Agriculture Crops Waste to Mitigate the Use of Firewood for Cooking in Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resource. Gemedo Mohammed, and Mahmoud Seid
  2. Assessment and mapping of regeneration and population structure of Aningeria Adolfi-friedricii trees in the montane forests of Wondo Genet. Dr. Zerihun Asrat, and Zelalem Tadele
  3. Climate-smart charcoal production as an alternative to reduce deforestation and mitigate climate change in Loka Abaya, Sidama Region, Ethiopia. Fiseha Bekele
  4. Assessment Of the Survival Rate and Underlying Factors of Tree Seedlings Planted by Campaign During Summer Of 2020 and 2021 in Sidama Regional State, Ethiopia. Urgessa Merga, Abraham Demekristos and Zewdie Lemma
  5. The Effects of Climate Variability on the Choices of Livelihood among Farm Households in Wondo Genet, Sidama Regional State. Solomon Erifo, Teferi Shanka, Meseret Mamo, and Girmaye Zegeye
  6. The Contribution of Silvopastoral Practice to Climate Change Adaptation in Dale Woreda of Sidama Region. Bekele Balcha, Ayele Lagide, and Degineh Herano
  7. Determinants of Tourism Social Entrepreneurship in the Handicraft Industry in Sidama Region: Challenges and Opportunities. Getahun Kassa, Bekele Balcha, and Abrham Fentaw
  8. The Impacts of Climate Change on Trend of Runoff and Sediment Yield from Gidabo Watershed, Southern Ethiopia. Yewbdar Kebede, Workinesh Takele, and Genet Negash

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