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Ongoing and Newly Approved Disciplinary Research

Disciplinary research is a type of research with the framework of a single discipline directed towards a specific goal. It is a type of research that can usually be completed within one year. Disciplinary research started many years ago, and it has been the major type of research at Hawassa University for a long time. Disciplinary research can be carried out by a single researcher or more than one researcher.

The following are the ongoing and newly approved disciplinary research lists by Hawassa University academic staff.

Ongoing Disciplinary Research in 2014 EC

College of Agriculture

  1. Physical Activity Level, Dietary Practices, and Over-nutrition and Its Associated Factors Among Adult Engaged in Health Sports in Gymnasiums of Hawassa Town, Southern Ethiopia: A Longitudinal Study Beruk Berhanu, Dr. Sisay Mengistu, and Alemneh Kabeta

College of Natural and Computational Sciences

  1. Application of Probiotics in Aquaculture Tiruha Habte, Dr. Kassaye Balkew, Prof. Natarajan Pavanasam
  2. Methods for immediate disinfection of currency notes contaminated with coronavirus and other virulent microbes. Dr. Alemayehu Paulos, Dr. Beyene Dobo

Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer

  1. Survey of research laboratories and research centers available in Hawassa University. Dr. Legese Adane

Newly Approved Disciplinary Research in 2014/2022

Institute of Technology

  1. Integrated Use Of Gis, Rs And Usle Model For Soil Erosion Risk Mapping In The Lake Hawassa Watershed, Ethiopia  Nigatu Wondirad
  2. Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Double Stage Solid Desiccant Air Conditioning System Case on: Hawassa Industrial Park Shed. Daniel Shitaye, Mebratu Tufa, Temsgen Endale , Million Matewos, & Usman Teshita Sivarage Murugam
  3. Indigenous Knowledge in Engineering and Technology: A survey of its contextual definitions, practices and priority areas Tewodros Assefa, Medhanit Mamaye (PhD) , Degif Teka (PhD) Cheru Atsmegiorgis (PhD) Muluken Zenebe  Yisak Mohammed Gemedo Gelgalu Tigist Guracha Ashenafi Wondimu
  4. Assessment Of Preparedness Level Of Community Towards Earthquake Disaster In Hawassa City, Ethiopia. Mehretu Gebrie  
  5. Cellulose (Fiber) production from Sisal plant (Agave sisalana)as alternative raw material for yarn production. Medhanit Mamaye, Asefa Taye Solomon Workenh, Jemal Edris
  6. Production, Comparison and Feasibility Determination of Bio-Ethanol from Mango, Avocado, Papaya and Banana Fruit Peel Waste in Hawassa City. Mr. Abera Tesfay,Tarekegn Elias Yohannes Mulatu
  7. Water Pollution Tracking, Modeling and Analysis of Lake Hawassa Using Internet of Things (IOT) Yeshitila Hailu, Abate Hailu,  Dejene Hurissa
  8. Intravenous (IV) Drip Rate Controlling and Monitoring system for Risk-Free IV Delivery Abyot Melkamu, Daniel Moges, Endalkachew Wolde & Abiyou Semegnew
  9. Production of Bioplastics from Agroindustrial waste (Avocado Reinforced with Banana Pseudostem): A case of Yirgalem Agro industrial Park. Hiwot Fekadu, & Tarekegn Yohannes
  10. Mini-Gird Clusters Development for the Rural Electrification in Ethiopia (A case study in Boricha Woreda) Issaias Gidey. Dr. Baseem Khan, Mr. Mesfin Fanuel, Ms. Wessene Yirga, & Mr. Mesfin Jarso

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