Collaborative Research projects are research and development project undertaken jointly by a Hawassa University/ industry or other governmental and non-governmental organizations based on a research partnership agreement. Such research projects are coordinated by ‘Collaborative Projects Coordination Directorate’. The directorate is accountable to Research and Technology Transfer Vice President Office.

In the last few years, Hawassa University is increasingly attracting the attention of international institutions and organizations for collaborative engagements. This is mainly due to the outstanding performances of its academic staff in research, publications and development of grant-winning project proposals, as well as the university’s excellent records in administration and management of collaborative projects. 

At present, Hawassa University is running more than 65 collaborative projects with several international and national partners. The projects are being carried out by setting a partnership with 69 international organizations and 112 national (governmental and non-governmental) organizations. The partners’ nations include Norway, Canada, Germany, USA, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Sweden. Above all, the university is open for collaboration with partners from different corners of the world on the basis of its goals.

Most of the collaborative projects are engaged in capacity building, research, technology transfer and community service. These projects are playing an indispensable role in developing capacity of Hawassa University through manpower development, the fulfilment of critically needed resources for teaching and research, and generation/ transfer of appropriate technologies. Presently, Hawassa University’s collaborative projects are supporting over 250 PhD and Master’s Degree level students through full or partial sponsorships of their expenses.

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