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Disciplinary research is a type of research with the framework of a single discipline directed towards a specific goal. It is a type of research that can usually be completed within one year. Disciplinary research started many years ago, and it has been the major type of research at Hawassa University for a long time. Disciplinary research can be carried out by a single researcher or more than one researcher.

The following are the list of completed disciplinary research by Hawassa University academic staff starting from 2001/2009/10.

Completed Disciplinary Research, Hawassa University

Year: 2001 /2008/9

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

  1. Determinants of ITN use at household level implication to the improvement of maternal and child health status, a study to be conducted in Shebedino and Boricha Districts. Sidama Zone, SNNPR. Abraham Alano, Dejene Hailu, & Tadesse Ageheh.
  2. Determination of ecologically important elements in the solid waste disposal site of Addis Ababa. Hunachew Beyene.
  3. Estimating provider cost for treating patients with tuberculosis in Awassa Health Centre. Keneni Gutema
  4. Minimizing risk to the environment and human health through improving the management of the wastewater generated from Hawassa Referral Hospital and health science college. Hunachew Beyene.
  5. Solidarity among environmental health stakeholders: A network analysis to determine Ethiopian environmental health proceedings. Biruck Desalegn & Sileshi Behailu.
  6. Survey on tuberculosis first-line drugs resistant in and around Awassa. Solomon Asnake, Girum Shiferaw, & Sintayehu Fekadu.

College of Natural and Computational Sciences

  1. Automatic Language Identification: The Use of Statistical Approach on Selected Ethiopia’s Languages. Berhanu Borena.
  2. Epidemiological of goat brucellosis in South Omo, Southern Ethiopia. Rahmeto Abebe & Alemayehu Regassa.
  3. Evaluation model for Quality of Early Childhood Education Programs the case of Awassa and Shashemene Towns. Ayele Taye & Befekadu Gashaw.
  4. Evaluation of tick resistance to commonly used acaricides at ACA farms. Jemere Bekele, Kasahun Asmare, & Abebayehu Tadesse.
  5. KAP’s of Health Professionals towards Proper Utilization of Ionizing Radiation at Hawassa and nearby Town’s Health Institutions. Alemiye Mamo.
  6. Major causes of dairy cow mastitis and their antibiogram in and around Awassa dairy farms. Melsele Abera, Kasahun Aragaw & Kasahun Asmare.
  7. Scientific Productivity of Hawassa University: a bibliometric Assessment. Tesfaye Bayu.
  8. Serological study of Peste des petits Ruminants (PPR), Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (CBPP), and Q fever in camels (Camelus dromedaries) sampled from Borana, Southern Ethiopia. Bekele Megersa.
  9. Study on the prevalence and worm burden of gastrointestinal nematodes of small ruminants in Dale and Hula districts, SNNPR. Rahmeto Abebe & Alemayehu Regassa
  10. Study on the Prevalence of Internal Parasites of Chickens in Different agro-ecological Zones of SNNPR. Abebayehu Tadesse.
  11. Testis weight, scrotal circumference, scrotal skin thickness, and body weight relationships to measure the reproductive potential of goats slaughtered in the Awassa area. Ethiopia. Yifat Denbarga, Kasahun Aragaw ,& Kasahun Asmare.
  12. The Impacts of Awareness of HIV/AIDS in Developing Safe Sex Behavior among Youth Students- The case study of regular students at Hawassa University. Ayele Taye and Befekadu Gashaw.
  13. The role of plant biodiversity on agro-ecosystem health and crop yield sustainability and the impact of traditional farm management practices in maintaining biodiversity: a comparative case study between different agriculture systems in Southern Ethiopia. Tamrat Andarge.

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