The accreditation office has a range of activities through which it gives accreditation for institutions for CPD and provides course evaluation and accreditation by its panel of expert teams.

The aim

The aim of the accreditation office is to give accreditation for institutions for CPD and evaluate training courses for accreditation.

Accredited Institution

Since from accredited as an accreditor by FMOH Hawassa university college of Medicine and Health College Provides accreditation for five originations and developed three training materials.

1. Wolayta Sodo University College of medicine and health Science College
2. Medawolabu University College of health science Shashemene campus
3. Hawassa Health Science College
4. Dilla University College of health science
5. Yanet-Liyana health Science College

Course Reviewed

Hawassa university college of medicine and health science has been prepared three courses and will be approved by accreditors in the field of Midwifery, Nursing and Medical laboratory.

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