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The In-service training center of HU-CMHS was established in 2013 based on the direction given by the Ministry of health. Since then the ITC has been conducted different forms of training packages registered at the Ministry of health for health care professionals currently working in different health facilities in collaboration with the SNNPR-Health bureau, SRHB, FMOH and other developmental partners. Currently, the center is accredited as an accreditor by MOH and as CPD provider by EMA (Ethiopian midwives association).

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) can be defined as 'continuous training and education designed to ensure that professionals maintain a high standard of service and efficiently adapt to advancements within their chosen field.' Basically, CPD enables professionals to stay sharp, versatile and up to date. Aside from the extra responsibility that comes with a job in healthcare, there is also a huge amount of new data and information that medical professionals are continually required to process and apply, often at a rapid pace. It is integral for those in the medical sector to never become set in their ways and always be ready to adapt to changes that can dramatically affect the way in which their jobs are performed.

The aim

  • The aim of CPD is to update the competency of health professionals continually through CPD

The goal
— To ensure quality health service by competent health professionals
— Activities and begin to earn CEUs (30CEUs/year)
— CPD activities will be linked to re-License (a requirement for re-License)

CPD Guideline

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