Research Clusters

1. IPDR’s Institutional Set-Up
The IPDR’s shall constitutes two major components. Namely, the Research Component and Academic Component. In addition, it will also constitute the administrative and support elements as described below.

1.1. The Research Component
IPDR has five research clusters. These include: Agriculture Livelihood Cluster, Climate Change and Green Development, Government and Institutions, Social Policy Analysis, and; Urban Development and Technology. The details about each cluster are provided below.

1.1.1. Agriculture and Livelihood Cluster
The Agriculture and Livelihood cluster focuses on the following areas of research including Livelihood systems; Sustainable Agriculture; Rural and Urban Food Security and Livelihood; Food and Nutrition Policy; Global Food System; Social Protection and Security; and Non-Farm Income-generation

1.1.2. Government and Institutions Cluster
The Governance and Institutions Cluster is engaged in research on these issues. The broader research thematic areas under this cluster include the following: Social and economic infrastructure; public service providers’ capacity; Social and Civil Society Organizations, and development; Public Participation in Policy; Corruption and ethics in institutions; and Development and Good Governance among others.

1.1.3. Climate Change and Green Development
To ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of the on-going efforts, the Climate Change and Green Development Cluster focuses on the research themes: Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation; Climate Smart Agriculture and Environmental Governance; Climate Change and Food Security Nexus; Green Development for Economic Growth; Disaster Risk Management and Intervention; Rift valley lakes sustainability, Development and Conservation; and Gender and Climate Change among others.

1.1.4. Social Policy Analysis Cluster
The broader areas of research include: Social policy review and analysis; ingenious knowledge and traditional education systems; education, health, population policies; culture, national development and poverty reduction nexus; culture and sustainable tourism; language policy, social justice and cultural survival; citizenship, ethics, children, adolescence and youth; women empowerment, and economic integration, leadership and political roles; gender equity and gender-based violence among others.

1.1.5. Urban Development and Technology Cluster
The Urban Development and Technology Cluster is meant to address these issues by selecting priority research themes. The broad research topics addressed by Urban Development and Technology Cluster include: Urban housing development; Urban infrastructure, technology and services; and technology innovation and adaptation among others.

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