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Very warm welcome to the Institute of Policy and Development Research (IPDR) of Hawassa University!

IPDR is a research institute established in 2015 upon the approval of the Hawassa University Senate. The institute is mandated to train PhD students in Policy and Development Studies and to conduct high level policy and development related research in Ethiopia and beyond. Over the past half a decade, IPDR has been working on its human resource capacity needs and institutional research infrastructure to deliver high quality research, learning and teaching that would help it transform the knowledge, action and leadership required at local and regional levels. The Institute works in close partnership with government and non-governmental organizations, researchers and civil societies to galvanize the on-gong efforts at national level to achieve sustainable social, political and economic development that would positively impact the lives of local populations in Ethiopia and in other developing contexts. So far, IPDR’s has successfully completed a number of projects that influenced policy and practice at regional and national levels. 

With regard to IPDR’s engagement in teaching and learning, the 1st batch of PhD students had graduated last year (2019); and, currently the institute has enrolled 10 PhD students of which two of them are international. The Institute have nine affiliated staff including one professor, three associate professors, and six support staff.  The Institute possess well-equipped seminar rooms, a digital library, lounge, and staff rooms that make training and research environment appealing.

We gladly welcome partners from Ethiopia and abroad who are interested in the area of policy and development research, and training.

Best regards,

Prof. Tesfaye Semela
Director, Institute of Policy and Development Research (IPDR)
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