Vice President for Business and Development

The office of the Vice President for Business and Development (VPBD) is one of the four vice president offices in Hawassa University (HU). It has got its current place in the organogram of the university structure in December 2010 right after the approval of the university board as a separate vice president. This is a result of organizational restructuring at HU where the VPBD was carved out of the former Office of the Vice President for Administration and Development (VPAD). It is also a manifestation of HU’s rapid growth and expansion over the last couple of years in terms of student and staff population, increased need for HU to focus on development projects, expanding information technology infrastructure and reducing the wide margin of control of the VPAD.

The VPBD comprises of a number of administrative directorates and offices which geared towards the expansion of business and development activities of HU. These directorate offices and centers are:

The VPBD Comprises of a number of administration directorates and centers geared towards the expansions of Hawassa University. These directorates’ offices and centers are

  • Construction Project Coordination Office
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT) Directorate
  • Resource Mobilization Directorate
  • Campus Beautification and Facility Management Directorate
  • Building Maintenance Directorate
  • Education and Training Directorate
  • Printing Press Center

Together with the perspective directorates, the office of vice president for business and development continues to play a pivotal role in order to enable Hawassa University to become one of the leading top ten research universities in East Africa by 2031.

Dr Samuel Jilo, Vice President for Business Development.

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