The Hawassa Math&Stat Conference 2019

Applications of Mathematical & Statistical Modelling

                        -    ten years of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at Hawassa University

February 11.-15. 2019

Hawassa University, Hawassa, Ethiopia




Invitation to Attend:

The Hawassa Math&Stat Conference 2019 marks the 10th aniversary of the Mathematical Science initiative taken at the current School of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences at Hawassa University. During this decade, the Math&Stat activity at the university is transformed from regional college-level to international university-level. Statistical analysis, numerical mathematical modelling and optimization techniques - with a variety of applications - has been in focus, together with computer science skills.

We proudly invite researchers in mathematical sciences worldwide to attend the Conference. Recognized Key-Note lectureres will discuss current trends, contributed presenters provide state-of-the-art and poster-sessions expose the variety of activies. Scientific discussions will hopefull be lively and enlightening.Moreover, Hawassa city, located in the African Rift Valley on the shores of Lake Hawassa - close to the origin of mankind - offers a unique atmosphere. A thriving city - its identity not lost to metropole conformity - exposes the charms and problems of Africa - in a safe setting under the gentle African sun.

Scientific challenges and datasets often have their origin in Africa - but regrettably seldom do they find their solution and analysis in Africa by African researchers. Our ambition is to change that. Africa is currently the fastest developing continent on the globe - this event may be the occation for visiting Africa and learn more about these challenges and datasets - and to feel the African mood.




The major themes of the Conference are:

Statistical analysis of 
- epidemiological and medical data
- environmental and natural resources data
- socio-economical data
- biological data

Numerical mathematical modelling of
- hydrological processes
- environmental processes

Optimization techniques for
- transportation systems
- logistic systems





Key-note lecturers at the Conference are:

. Peter Diggle, Lancaster University, England

A Tale of Two Parasites: statistical modelling to support disease control programmes in Africa,  Abstract (pdf-logo)

. Colin Fox, University of Otago, New Zealand 

Polynomial acceleration of Gibbs sampling  Abstract(pdf-logo)

Dietmar Hoemberg, Weierstrass Institute, Germany

From distortion compensation to 3D printing - a phase fi eld approach to topology optimization  Abstract(pdf-logo)

Laura Palagi, Sapienza - University in Rome, Italy

Machine learning models in healthcare  Abstract(pdf-logo)

. Sylvia Richardson, Cambridge University, England



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