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Hawassa University Libraries

Welcome to Hawassa University Libraries!

Hawassa University Libraries

The HU Libraries System is viewed from its strategic importance to the teaching-learning research and community services goals of the University. Accordingly, a Library Information System is a keystone of any academic and research exercise. Obviously, HU Library System has been set up with this certainty. The HU Library system is one of the functional units of the University that is responsible for the provision of Library & Information Services mainly to students,teaching staff & researchers in order to enable them to attain their learning, teaching and research objectives.


The HU Libraries mission is: “To provide quality information services that will empower the University Community in carrying out its core activities of teaching, learning, research and community services.”


In pursuit of the vision of Hawassa University, the HU Libraries vision is: To be the “heart” of the academic and research centre of the University.

General & Specific Objective

While general objective of HU Library is to serve the instructional and research function of the   University as mentioned above, its specific objectives include:

  • To render Library& Information Services that can meet the need of undergraduate students, in relation to the approved curricula.
  • To assist the academic staff in preparation of teaching materials and in keeping up-to-date in the respective of their subject fields.
  • To meet the need of postgraduate studies that being conducted within the University.
  • To create links and networking of resource sharing with other parent institutions at home & abroad.
  • To provide general reading and book lending services to the University Community as a whole as well.

Strategic Objective/Future plan

Academic or University libraries need to serve users with up-to-date information technology supported services to cope with the competitive world. There has been an increase in the number of students joining in academic programmes of the Hawassa University during the last years and the future too.In order to satisfy the needs of students and the teaching staff and be able to give them an efficient service it is indispensable to organize and administer Hawassa University Libraries in the light of modern trends of Library and Information Science. The level of financial commitment in terms of books and journals, purchase of modern information handling equipments, training of library staff and so on needs a great attention.Accordingly HU librray future plan is follows:

  • Managing library resources efficiently.
  • In order to fit 21st century providing a modern quality Library & Information Services that will enhance teaching, learning and research at Hawassa University.
  • Equipping the University Library with modern Information Technology (IT) facilities for improved information delivery.
  • Improving security of users, Library materials and Library staff.

Information Literacy Program

Information Literacy is concerned with teaching and learning about the whole range of information sources and formats. To be “information literate” you need to know why, when, and how to use all of these tools and think critically about the information they provide. As information is increasingly codified in digital forms, new skills are needed to operate the technology to search for, organize, manage information and use it to solve problems and create new knowledge and cultural products. Since the Internet is the common information and communication tool, information literacy is often introduced as digital literacy. The information literacy program will serve as lifelong education, the target audience should not only students or teachers, but also professionals, decision makers, etc. who need to acquire the necessary information skills to make informed decisions.

The general objective is to:

  • Foster the development of an Information literate citizenry with the technical and critical thinking skills and abilities needed to identify, acquire, manage and use of information to enrich all aspects of their work and personal lives.
  • Enable learners to master content and extend their investigations, become more self-directed, and assume greater control over their own learning.
  • Pave the way for the opening of Library & Information Science Department with in Hawassa University and also to transform HU Library staff to the status of academic staff.

NB. The program will be conducted by Professional staff of the Main University Library and also as necessary by collaborating with professional staff of sister institutions library.

Library Automation

In addition to the aforementioned it is our interest and ambition to make sustainable the library automation in order to make the Library & Information Services more effective. Launch of automating the University Library system was November 2007. The automation was re-initiated and implemented with a wider scope in August 2009. Finally Koha (Integrated Library Management System) has already been installed and currently functional.

NB.  Automation of the University Library System has been totally funded by Norwegian Government financial support.

Constitutes of HU Libraries

Hawassa University Libraries are constitutes of the following: Science & Technology  Main University Library, and the other three branch libraries: Business & Economics Library; Social Sciences & Humanities Library; Law & Governance Library are situated at the Main Campus. The other three branch libraries are situated on different geographical location outside the Main Campus consecutively, Agriculture College Library; Medicine & Health Science College Library and Wondo Genet College Forestry Library.
   1.  Science & Technology Main University Library
   2.  Business & Economics Library
   3.  Social Science & Humanties Library
   4.  Law & Governance Library
   5.  Agriculture College Library
   6.  Medicine & Health Science College Library
   7.  WGCF Library
Currently, Hawassa University Libraries are working on upgrading its standard in order to make the Science & Technology Main University Library and all branch libraries serviceable to their users. Hence, in addition to budget allotted for the purchase of library resources we have become increasingly aware that the only way out to build a suitable collection so as to meet the growing demand for information needs by our users is to collaborate with premier organizations such as Book Aid International to stock the libraries. Besides strongly to collaborate with Norwegian Government Supported Project  office as usual.



Library Services