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H.U.C.S fosters the personal, emotional and academic well-being of students and helps them reach their full potential by providing comprehensive clinical/developmental counseling, nationally recognized training, outreach and prevention services and consultative relationships across campus. Our entire staff is committed to providing a safe, welcoming and affirming environment for all students.

Student Counseling Services is a trusted, highly visible, comprehensive university counseling center that continually strives to enhance the mental health and the overall well-being of students and the larger campus community. Student Counseling Services embraces diversity and works within the university to promote a welcoming environment for all students, faculty, and staff.

Individualized Attention: The H.U.C.S strives to provide a “small college” environment by offering services that are fully accessible to students in an atmosphere that is welcoming and approachable. Mindful of a holistic perspective, we are committed to providing individualized attention to students characterized by respect, compassion, and a genuine desire to be helpful.
Diversity: The H.U.C.S seeks to provide a safe, welcoming, and affirming environment for all students. We also seek to foster a diverse campus community of safety, inclusiveness, and respect. We therefore commit ourselves to an ongoing learning process, celebration of our differences, and a willingness to challenge ourselves and others in the pursuit of social justice.


The H.U.C.S values collaboration within the agency, the Division of Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Illinois State University, and the broader community. We seek out partnerships and opportunities for teamwork in support of enhanced service to students.
Intentionality: The H.U.C.S maintains an awareness of ever changing situational and environmental circumstances that affect students. In order to provide appropriate services, we respond to changing student needs by being proactive, timely, and flexible. We practice prudent stewardship of our resources.

Healthy Organizational Climate: Staff of the SCS commit themselves to sustaining a healthy organizational climate characterized by honest, direct and respectful communication and appropriate conflict resolution. We manifest compassion, mutual trust, and humor in our interactions. We actively try to create a sense of community that is supportive and respectful of individuals finding balance in their personal and professional lives.


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