About ICT

At the time of establishment of Hawassa University in April 2000, there was no Internet connection to speak of, except for few dial-up connections at some offices. Specifically, there was one in the Library that served one University staff at a time mainly for sending/receiving e-mail messages. After the establishment of the ICT Center in late 2000 with some 20 computers at its disposal, a shared dial-up Internet connection was introduced which, for the first time, started to serve the University staff to get access to the Internet (WWW and EMAIL).

In the year 2003, the MoE has sponsored the establishment of campus-wide networks at the Awassa College of Agriculture, Wondogenet College of Forestry and Dilla College of Teachers Education and Health Sciences (DCTEHS). Soon after the deployment of the network, a broadband Internet connection was introduced.

In the year 2008, a campus-wide network was established at the main campus.  Moreover, the three campuses at Hawassa City, i.e. the Main Campus, the College of Health Sciences and the College of Agriculture, were interconnected via fiber-optic cables and these campuses were connected to the Internet through two gateways (at the Main Campus and the Awassa College of Agriculture).


Our mission is to provide, coordinate, and facilitate the use of ICT in all activities of the University in order to facilitate change.


Our vision is to exploit ICT to its full potential thereby assisting the University in elevating its position to a center of academic excellence.


The ICT Directorate office was established to meet the following objectives:

Major Tasks

Major tasks done by the ICT Directorate in the year 2011 include:

A design for network expansion in all the campuses is undergoing; soon there will be a bid floating.

Achievements of the Office

Achievements of the ICT Directorate office may be summarized as:

Facilities and Resources

The office is poised to serve your needs with the following facilities and resources: