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awassa University has launched a multidisciplinary, scientific journal entitled ‘Journal of Science and Development’ (JSD). JSD is a peer-reviewed, bi-annual journal designed for an international readership, and is published by the Research and Development Directorate of the University. It covers a wide range of disciplines, including Natural Sciences, Technology,Health Sciences (human and animal), Natural Resources, Forestry, Agriculture, Food Sciences,Business and Economics, Social Sciences and Education. JSD publishes original research articles, review articles, short communications and book reviews.

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 This issue is in progress but contains articles that are final and fully citable.

Determinants of Participation in Milk Value Addition by Dairy Producers in Asella Milk-Shed, Ethiopia.. pp 1-12

Tsega Lemma, Tewodros Tefera and Sintayehu Yigrem.    Download Full Text (Pdf)

Determinants of Varietal Replacement of Haricot Bean by Farmers in Boricha District, Southern Ethiopia. pp 13-20.

Zerhun GanewoTewodros Teferaand Adane Hirpa       Download Full Text (Pdf)

Effect of Landscape Positions on Soil Properties in an Agricultural Land A Transect Study in the Main Rift Valley Area of Ethiopia. pp 21-31

Fantaw Yimer                                                                   Download Full Text (Pdf)


      Effects of Land-use on Birds Diversity in and around Lake Zeway, Ethiopia Girma Mengesha , Yosef Mamo, Kefyalew Sahle, Chris Elphick and Afework BekeleDownload Full Text

     Studies on Hydraulic Performance of Furrow Irrigation to Optimise Design Parameters Suitable to Onion Field in Hawassa, Ethiopia Kannan Narayanan and Brook Abate, Download Full Text 

     Coverage of Democratic Issues in the Ethiopian Press Nigussie Meshesha    Download Full Text 

      An Assessment of Gandhi’s Misconception on the Origin of Violent Human Nature ; Metaphysical Justifications for the Invitability of Human violence  Sisay Assemrie,  Download Full Text


    Evaluation of Methods for Roots Processing on Removal of Anti-nutritional Factors of Selected Cultivars of Cassava (Manihot esculenta C.) Grown in Ethiopia.    Abebe Haile,Negussie Retta and Cherinet Abuye Download Full Text 

     Indigenous Democracy: Alternative Conflict Management Mechanisms Among Tigray People, The Experiences of Erob, Community  Solomon Berhane Download Full Text 

     Level of Selected Precedence Pollutants in Soils of the Industrial Regions of  Welmera District (Oromiya Special Zone around Finfinne), Melkamu Biyana Download Full Text


 Blending Whey Powder with Haricot Bean Powder for Weaning Food Production Mathewos Moges and Shimelis Admasu Download Full Text

  Ethnobotanical Study of Wild Medicinal Trees and Shrubs in Benna Tsemay District, Southern Ethiopia. Assegid Assefaand Tesfaye Abebe Download Full Text

  Farmers’ Adoption of Soil and Water Conservation Technology: A Case Study of The Bokole and Toni Sub-Watersheds, Southern Ethiopia. Kebede Wolka and Mesele Negash Download Full Text

  Factors Influencing HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) Service utilization among Youth of Hawassa town: a Health Belief Model Approach, Southern Ethiopia. Berhan Meshesha Hirut Download Full Text

  Gender Power Relations in Reproductive Decision-Making: The Case of Migrant Weavers of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Tefera Darge Download Full Text

  Human Cultural Names In Gurage: Roles, Patterns and Dynamics of Change Fekede Menuta Gewta Download Full Text

 Inherent Intelligibility among Guragina Varieties Fekede Menuta Gewta  Download Full Text

 Effect of dietary protein concentration on feed intake, body mass gain and carcass traits of Rhode Island Red chicken by Shewangizaw Wolde, Tegene Negesse and Aberra Melesse Download Full Text

 Effect of storage duration and hydro-priming on seed germination and vigour of Common vetch by Karta K. Kalsa , R.P.S. Tomer and Bekele Abebie Download Full Text

 Grain yield and malting quality of barley in relation to nitrogen application at mid- and high altitude in Northwest Ethiopia by Minale Liben, Alemayehu Assefa and Tilahun Tadesse Download Full Text

 Nutrient composition and effect of processing on anti-nutritional factors and mineral bioavailability of cultivated amochi in Ethiopia by Andargachew Gedebo, Admasu Tsegaye, Girma Akalu, Åsmund Bjørnstad and Maigull Appelgren Download Full Text

 The effect of cropland fallowing on soil nutrient restoration in the Bale Mountains,Ethiopia by Fantaw Yimer and Abdu Abdelkadir Download Full Text

 Toposequence in Gununo Area, Southern Ethiopia by Sheleme Beyene Download Full Text

 Wild edible trees and shrubs in the semi-arid lowlands of Southern Ethiopia by Assegid Assefa and Tesfaye Abebe Download Full Text