20 Years of Research Collaboration Anniversary Warmly Celebrated

Celebration of 20 years researches collaboration between University of Saskatchewan(UoS), Canada and Hawassa University(HU) was warmly celebrated from 22-24Febrewary, 2018. The opening was held on February 22/2018 at Hawassa University African Union Hall, main campus, which was followed by two days dissemination workshop at Haile resort, Hawassa.

On the opening speech Dr. Tesfaye Abebe, Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer, HU said that, the University recently enrolled over 48,000 students in its different academic programs having 81 undergraduate, 103 masters and 16 PhD programs. Over 120 research activities have been conducted with two major guiding principles: be more responsive to the needs of communities and other stakeholders and alignment of our efforts with government’s development strategies and priorities.

Dr. Tesfaye added that, over the last five consecutive years HU has been ranked among the top three public first generation universities in Ethiopia. Certainly, collaborative projects such as the HU-UoS partnership had significant contribution in these achievements. In 20 years research collaboration of the two universities, a total of 117 graduate students (105 MSc and 12 PhD) have been supported by the project and among them 40% were female students.

 Dr. Sheleme Beyene Coordinator and Principal Investigator of Canadian Food Security and Research Fund (CIFSRF) at Hawassa University mentioned that the project has been a collaborative venture between Hawassa University and the University of Saskatchewan, Canada and it was financed by a grant from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada with financial support from the government of Canada, provided through Global Affairs Canada (GAC).

 Dr. Sheleme added that based on earlier experiences and success stories, the project had embarked on scaling up of pulse innovations (Chickpea and common bean) for improved local livelihood with focus on improvement of food and nutritional security, increased   income, equity of gender and economic well being at large.

The extension approach used in the project was innovative (cluster approach) and more than 74 thousand households has been benefited directly in which sustainability has been a key element in the project and capacity building, fulfillment of facilities and educational research grant were additional actions both parties from the agreement to 2018.


His Excellency Mr. Philip Baker (Canadian ambassador to Ethiopia), Mr. Santiyago Alba Corral (Associate director at IDRC) and Dr.Mary Buhr (Dean at College of Agricultural University of Saskatchewan) delivered their speeches on the workshop.        



The occasion was attended by more than 150 participants from Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR), partners from the University of Saskatchewan, local partners, Governmental and Nongovernmental institutions, private sectors, researchers and farmers.  




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