International Research Seminar on Malaria Control held at Hawassa

Last December 13, 2017 MalTrials project, a joint venture between Hawassa University - Ethiopia and University of Bergen - Norway held International Research Seminar on Malaria

While opening the conference, Dr Tesfaye Abebe, Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer - HU, said Hawassa University is privileged to have become an efficient partner with many institutions to effect implementation of various research projects that address the problems of  the nearby communities as well as  the country. In this regard the international research seminar on malaria control brings great expertise and experience working in the area and will serve as a valuable forum to share findings from many years of researches on malaria control. Dr. Tesfaye also expressed deep appreciations to Prof. Dr. Bernt Lindtjørn, who has committed to work with Hawassa and other Ethiopian Universities, supervised many PhD students many of whom are expressing excellence and immense responsibilities in Hawassa and other parts of Ethiopia.

Dr Eskindir Loha, MalTrials project coordinator at Hawassa University , expressed that MalTrials is a malaria research project that was initiated in 2013 involving University of Bergen from Norway, Addis Ababa and Hawassa  Universities from Ethiopia. According to Dr Eskindir the main aim of the project is conducting scientific researches that help to control and eliminate malaria which has impacted millions of lives in Ethiopia for the last several years. In addition to the large scale researches, including PhD trainings, the project financed establishment of a molecular laboratory at College of Medicine and Health Science.

On top of several scientific research posters presented on the event, inspiring presentations were given  on the topics outlined below followed by hot discussion sessions.


Topic of the presentation


Overview of Malaria Research in South Ethiopia

Bernt Lindtjørn

MalTrials: Summary of results

Eskindir Loha

Bed net use: Quantitative finding

Tarekegn Solomon

Malaria, anaemia and malnutrition

Taye Gari

Cross sectional malaria survey

Wakgari Deressa

Entomological findings

Oljira Kenea

Resistance Pattern

Meshesha Balkew

Intrauterine growth pattern

Meselech Asegid

Malaria research in Arba Minch

Fekadu Massebo

Setup of Molecular Lab in Hawassa and Arba Minch Universities

Hanibale Atsbeha and  Fekadu Massebo


More than 150 individuals including high level officers and experts such Dr. Abriham Alano, Bureau Head of SNNPRS Health Bureau and Dr. Meshesha Balkew from FDRE, Ministry of Health, attended the seminar.

By: Ashagre Lefamo



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