Chinese Culture Experience Fun Games successfully held in Hawassa University

China has a long history and the Chinese traditional culture is deep as well as sophisticated. Language is closely related with its culture and in order to give an intuitive Chinese culture experience for Hawassa University students, fun games which combined Chinese elements were held by Confucius Classroom in the Student Complex on 3rd March, 2017.

This activity included five parts altogether: picking peanuts with chopsticks, kicking shuttlecock, playing table tennis, painting operatic face and writing “” Chinese character. Chinese teachers gave each part a detailed demonstration and explanation, and took students’ participation into full consideration. This is a fierce Competition with tense music, and Confucius Classroom provided plentiful prizes for the winner and participants.    

Chopsticks, a pair of small even-length tapered sticks, are the traditional eating utensils of China. A number of students tried their hand at using Chopsticks .

Shuttlecock kicking is a long history, with distinctive ethnic features of traditional sports. The rule is simple; just keep it in the air. It’s good both for your mind and body.

Table tennis is China’s national ball. China has ever made a clean sweep of many gold medals at Olympics Games.

Chinese calligraphy is an art unique to Asian cultures. "Shu Fa" is often thought to be most revealing of one's personality. The Chinese character “fu” means blessing or happiness.

Lian Pu originated from daily life experience, describing changes of expression as white for fear, red for shyness, dark for suntan, and sallow for illness.

It is strongly believed that this kind of activities can highlight cultural exchange and strengthen the relationship between Ethiopia and China.


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