Curriculum review on PhD program

Hawassa University, School of Education and Training held external curriculum review on Feb13, 2016 for the PhD program to be launched next academic year in Educational Measurement and Evaluation (Learning Assessment).

Nigussie Meshesha (PhD), Dean, College of Social Science and Humanities, made an opening speech in which he stated that, “preparations are accomplished to start the program which is vital in order to meet need of the country in educational quality, especially the main focus of GTP 2 – research based education”.

The Objective of the workshop was to introduce these new PhD program and collect inputs on the curriculum from the subject specialists at different Universities and stakeholders.

Dr. Nigussie also added, “Our country has launched educational expansion aggressively by investing huge budget at all levels, which has never been done before in the history of the nation in producing competent human power. To this end, the University Management and staff at the College will fulfill all required for the achievement of the program’’.

Discussion on the event produced significant inputs on the content of the curriculum, eligibility, number of student’s intake, and preparation of adequate resources to successfully implement the program. Main comments came from the subject experts Dr. Desalegne Chalicisa from Addis Ababa University and Professor Yalew Endawoke from Woldiya University.

It is known that, this PhD program is the first of its kind for Ethiopia.

During the closing session, Mrs. Rahel Abraham, Head of School of Educational and Training (SET) said The PhD program is fundamental to the excellence of academic progress and research in our country and it will strengthen transfer of knowledge and share experience in this crosscutting area.