Chinese Tianjin University delegates Visit to Hawassa

The Chinese Tianjin University of Technology and Education Vice president Dr. Yan Bing and his team visited Hawassa University last Monday.

A half day visit program on November 10/2015 started with a warm welcome at office of President, followed by visit to Confucius classrooms of both first and second year Chinese language students. During this time Dr. Yan had a brief but informative discussion with the Chinese students and the level of language they acquired in relatively short duration was astonishing.

On a consultative meeting held at Hawassa University senate hall after the visit professor Fikire Dessaleny, Vice president for Academic affairs of HwU introduced the HwU officers on the event and gave a brief introduction of HwU as well as the strong ties between Ethiopia and China. Detailed profile of Hawassa University was presented by Mr. Atkilt Esaiyas, Director for Corporate Communication and Marketing Directorate of HwU.

Mr. Atikilt, mentioned that, Hawassa University is a comprehensive University established in 2000 G.C and so far its alumni numbers over 49,000 (Forty nine thousand) and currently over 35,000 students are getting enrolled in some 71 undergraduate and 73 postgraduate programs in its seven campuses. The University is also said to get involved in aggressive research and community services funded by both state treasury and international partners.

Dr. Yan Bing explained the basic facts of Tianjin University and mentioned that it is one of the best Universities of China producing skilled graduates and so far there is huge presence of Ethiopian students in the University. In the upcoming 5 year plan of the University also international exchange will get high focus and the main focus will be Africa while focus of the focus Ethiopia.

The starting of Confucius class rooms at Hawassa University with Chine‚Äôs expatriate staffs is said to enhance the bilateral relationships among the two Universities and the areas of collaboration are planned to diversify in addition to Chinese language to other fields of studies.  

Mr. Zhang Lei, Director of Communication Directorate, Tianjin University of Technology and Education, China; Madam Shenli, Head of Confucius Institute at TVET Institute, Addis Ababa and Madam Gaolili, Head of Confucius Institute at Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa accompanied Dr. Bing in this visit. Finally the delegates of the two Universities exchanged modest cultural gifts and that marked the end of the event.

                                                                       Reported by:  Wendimagegn Tesfaye Edited by: Dawit Bedasa