Hawassa University is ranked the best University of the year 2014/15 (2007 E.C.)

Hawassa University is ranked the best University of the year 2014/15 (2007 E.C.) among the senior Universities in Ethiopia. A recent competition result disclosed on the annual University Presidents’ meeting atMekele.

The FDRE Ministry of Education sets contest every year among the Universities of the Nation in different categories and the first generation Universities include Addis Ababa, Haromaya, Jimma, Gondar, Mekele, Dilla, Bahrdar, Aribaminch and Hawassa Universities. Among these Universities HwU stood second for two consequitive years 2012/13 (2005 E.C) and 2013/14 (2006 E.C) before it came first in 2014/15 (2007 E.C). According to Prof. Fikre Dessalegn, Vice President for Academic Affairs and delegate of the University President, the competition results appeared following rigorous evaluation by MoE team that visited every University in person and conducted its assessment based on 14 corporate and over 60 detail activities Ethiopian Universities are commissioned to execute.


Among areas HwU performed great were:

-          Staff capacity building efforts that led to some 16% of its academic staff to be PhD degree holders and even right now huge number of its staff in enrollment for tertiary degree both in country as well as abroad. This clearly is the ultimate key for the education quality, relevant and problem solving research and committed community service envisioned.

-          Many research projects undertaken by HwU staff funded by both state treasury ad international partners. Here huge knowledge have been generated, most of which communicated through reputable journals and some translated in to the technology transfer packages and the rest are still on progress.

-          Our University graduates have taken exit exams like in areas of law and different national examinations in which they performed the best giving objective witness for the continually improving and already commendable educational quality at HwU.

-          Regarding access and equity our University admitted highest number of students with visual impairments than any other University, provided them the necessary supporting materials and they are happily pursuing their studies while some have successfully graduated.

While much more is there HwU is praised for, we scored about 89% in the evaluation which is alarming that there still are areas we should work harder if we are to maintain our position on top in the nation and achieve our vision of becoming the best University in Ethiopia, competent in Africa and internationally accredited by 2017/18.

The HwU and Hawassa city community were extremely happy on this achievement that the city burst out with joy on Oct. 29, 2015 as multitudes marched throughout the major roads of Hawassa with the trophy hanged high. Prof. Fikre Dessalegn also gave press release on the event which various local and national media widely covered.

Finally the office of the President announced that as Prof. Yosef Mamo, HwU President, returns from his official travel abroad / one of the areas HwU outshined was its strong international links / various programs shall be organized which recognize every segment of the University community for the victory and initiate for even higher achievement.

By: HwU – CCMD reporter