Public Lecture (Tuutu Shiqishsha) by Dessalegn Garsamo

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Shiqishaanchu: Dassaalanyi Gaarsamoho

Kalaa Dassaalanyi Gaarsamohu dadhinoonni afii roso lainohunni ikkado gade afi’rinoho. Muli dirra giddo ‘RTI/READ TA’ yinanni gobboomu deerri uurrinshara 7 Itophiyu afuubba qineessate sooreessimmanni loosino. Kalaa Dassaalanyi Sidaamu Afii Karikulame qixxeessatenna wole rositte assootubbara leellado beeqqo assino afuu rosaaleessaati.

Shiqishshu Umo:  Dadhinoonni Afii Rosi Horo

Barra:    Onkoleessa 17, 2010 

Yanna: 2:30

Darga: Afiriku Mittimma Hara


Call on Public Lecture by Desalegn Garsamo – College of Social Sciences and Humanities – ­­ Department of Sidaamu Afoo and Literature. on “The Importance of Mother Tongue Education” on May 25, 2018 at 8:30 A.M. (2:30 LT) at Hawassa University Africa Union Hall.

Mr. Desalegn Garsamo is one of the language scholars who does have ample experience on Mother Tongue Education. Recently he has worked for several years in the national organization, RTI/READ TA, in the position of Regional director that works focusing on seven Ethiopian languages: Afaan Oromoo, Amharic, Tigrigna, Af-Somali, Sidaamu Afoo, Wolayttato and Hadiyyisa.

Mr. Desalegn Garsamo is pioneer in the preparation of Sidaamu Afoo curriculum and extra-curricular activities. He is also Language expert who has been contributing a lot on mother tongue education in different times and events.

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