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Welcome to the Hawassa University Alumni Association, where members have organized in their support of the Hawassa University and united together for further advancement of the University and the society as a whole. As an association member, you may participate in various activities, events and movements of the University; you and your interests, talents and potentials are important for the development of the University; here you are respected and your voices are heard. We appreciate your long and lasting relationship with us.  

Hawassa University Alumni Association is founded in 2002. The Association is dedicated to promoting the welfare, interest and excellence of the Hawassa University by fostering a mutually helpful relationship among the alumni, the faculty and the student body of the University and by creating and maintaining a better understanding between the society and the Hawassa University.

Alumni Association Chapters and Clubs will be formed throughout the country. They will be an excellent place to meet other Hawassa University alumni, network to establish contacts for future employment opportunities, and just feel at home. Chapter members help promote and support Hawassa University. A wide variety of social events keep our alumni involved and active. The Association can put you in contact with the leaders of the Alumni chapter or club in your area. 

The Hawassa University Alumni welcomes you to be a member of the association. Letting alone the benefits of being an alumni member you have many other reasons to participate. Take the chance and register by sending your personal information to the alumni office using the email provided below.

Enjoy the privilege of rejoining your past colleagues, friends, life, ... on behalf of the University the alumni association invites all previous life sharing entities to come together.

After downloading and filling the form attach and send it to this email :   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alumni Association


  • Our mission is to offer social, educational, cultural networking and different events that will strengthen the relationship between Hawassa University and our alumni, promote our roster of alumni benefits and services, and maintain a mutually beneficial lifelong connection between our alumni and their university.
  • Hawassa university Alumni association is committed to support the interest of the university, its alumni, and its current and future students through the development of mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Be an indispensable part of Hawassa University by engaging alumni and friends in the life, promotion and advancement of the university.
  • To develop and strengthen lifelong relationships with Hawassa University alumni.


  • To promote the vision and core values of Hawassa University’s historic land grant mission of teaching, research and public service.
  • To enlist Alumni talents in the preservation and promotion of the image and tradition of the university, to instill and maintain pride in the institution.
  • To serve as a catalyst for communications and involvement between alumni and Hawassa university community.


  • The purpose of Hawassa University Alumni association is to foster a spirit of loyalty and to promote the general welfare of the University. Alumni Association of Hawassa University exists to support the University’s goals, and to strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and the University.
  • The influence and patronage of those who have graduated from Hawassa University constitute a powerful resource. Properly encouraged and thoughtfully directed by the Hawassa University Alumni association, this resource can be applied to strengthen, protect and improve the University, thereby shoring up the investment each alumnus has made in him/her. The alumni resource can also have a significant impact on the betterment of individual alumni through the process of networking and role modeling. Hawassa University alumni association can be powerful advocates for each other’s success.
  • To promote fellowship among graduates, former students, faculty and staff members of sparrows for the development and wellbeing as an educational community.
  • To maintain permanent historical records of University and its students.
  • To provide support serves for the University.
  • To coordinate alumni association activities.
  • To cement long term connection and turn alumni into loyal supporters, sponsors, clients and colleagues. 

Objectives of Hawassa University Alumni Association 

  • Making graduates of the university directly contact the university they are graduated from and having assembly, showing the changes and progresses in the university, discussing on the issues of the future development and change for mutual benefit.
  • To allow graduates to continue to enjoy the international and multicultural experience that is so dear to the members of the alumni community.
  • To create association this provides a way for former students to stay in touch with one another. In addition, it also includes trainees and students, as well as active and former employees.
  • Letting graduates provide and make their contributions to the university.
  • Making contact between graduates and employers on the points of recruiting.

Alumni Association Creed of Hawassa University

We believe a University should be a cooperate enterprise, a community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Collectively and individually, all are responsible for developing, supporting, and sustain the objectives of the University.

We believe that alumni are in a unique position to provide advice and counsel in University governance. In addition, alumni need to be committed to ensuring material resources in support of University needs.

We believe that alumni can best serve the University by joining together in an association that can promote and focus support and service and that the concepts for developing the alumni association’s organizational polices should be determined by the alumni themselves and the University.

We believe that it should be the function of an alumni organization to develop ways and means of alumni involvement and communication with their alumni association and to see that alumni are recognized as a respected and integral part of the university community.

Once we accept the concept of service to the institution and service to the alumni as our major focus we can begin to dream the ideal alumni program. If we can incorporate these principles into our philosophy of operation we are well on our way to success.

Alumni Association Benefits:

  • Alumni association office strives to provide relevant and valuable service for Hawasssa University Alumni with the prime objectives of helping Alumni connect with each other and their university and extends the relationship further.
  • The association helps to communicate with the university’s leadership.
  • Access to postgraduate funding, seminars, workshop, experience sharing and different historical trips since learning is life long journey and the association endeavors to help our graduates continue excelling.
  • Alumni Association creates a forum where by alumni members meet once in a couple of years.
  • The Association helps as the communication brig between the university and the university’s family both inside and outside the university.
  • Increases the chance of opportunity in future net working with friends.
  • Alumni Association creates a forum where by alumni members meet once in a couple of years.

 The Association helps as the communication brig between the university and the university’s family both inside and outside the university


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