Planning & Institutional Transformation Directorate

Planning & Institutional transformation directorate is one of the directorates that are accountable to the Office of the President. It was called Plan and Program Department till Hawassa University implemented the new work process (BPR) in 2010. The Office is located in the Main Campus of HwU in President Office Building (B-132) on the ground floor (Office No.132-07)

Vision of the Directorate

The Vision of Planning & Institutional Transformation Directorate of HwU is initiating & coordinating the transformation & planning activities of HwU so that the University becomes the best University in the Nation, competent in Africa & internationally accredited by 2017/18.

Objectives of the Directorate

The main duty of the office is initiating and coordinating institutional transformation activities introduced by ministry of Education as well as by HwU. Moreover, the office is responsible for preparing a strategic plan, annual plans, program budget plans as well as compiling performance reports that are sent from the work units. In general, Planning & Institutional Transformation Directoratehas the following objectives.

  • Initiate and coordinate institutional transformation activities introduced by Ministry of Education as well as by HwU
  • Prepare & revise the strategic plan of HwU in collaboration with the concerned bodies of the University.
  • Prepare annual lead of the University based on the plans from each work units & the strategic plan.
  • Prepare program budget plans of the University based on the plans from each work units.
  • Monitor the implementation of the plans, identify the problems faced while implementing the plans & design strategies to solve them and present the solutions to the University management for approval & implementation.
  • Prepare periodic, comprehensive and organized performance report of the University
  • Prepare program budget performance report of the University based on financial performance.
  • Follow up the level of efficiency and effectiveness of the service delivery of work units to internal and external customers.
  • Evaluate the efficiency of University structure and present structure that need revision to University management..
  • Conduct internal and external customers’ satisfaction survey and present the result to University management for feedback.
  • Follow up the progress of construction projects of the university together with construction and maintenance directorate
  • Build the capacity of the work units on change management, planning & reporting through short term trainings.
  • Collect and compile basic data of the University and present it to concerned offices.
  • Identify good practices and support their continuation /sustainability.  


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Staff Profile

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Director of the Directorate




Senior planning & programming expert




Project design & monitoring expert




Transformation activities follow up expert




Data Analyst





10+3 Sec. Science



Office girl

12 complete



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Mr. Tafesse Matewos

Director, Planning & Institutional Transformation Directorate  05
Tel:  +251 46 220 4931(office)
Fax: +251 462205187
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