HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Directorate

About the directorate

The University HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Directorate was established in 2007 G.C  so as to coordinate and mobilize the over all activities and efforts of HIV/AIDS prevention, control and care and support program of  the university.

The University recognizes that HIV and AIDS is not only a health issue, but one which concerns the entire University community (students, academic & administrative staff) and our society in every possible aspect. The University is committed to play an active role in its Students, academic staffs, administrative working groups and the surrounding communities by mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS through capacity building, exploring & applying research findings, new innovative technologies and community based services.


To play a leadership role in HIV/AIDS prevention, control, care and support in the pursuit and development of knowledge of students, staff and community through quality and relevant teaching, research, consultancy and community service".


To be a leading centre of excellence in the pursuit, development, dissemination and preservation of knowledge regarding HIV AIDS pandemic through the continuum of interventions, i.e. prevention, treatment, care and support at both the university and individual, family and community levels and the general population.

Objective of the directorate

  • Provision of effective leadership and capacity to manage the HIV and AIDS pandemic;
  • Development and implementation of prevention and intervention programmes and activities;
  • Development, implementation, and provision of effective care and support in a holistic manner;
  • Development and provision of teaching and appropriate professional skills to a world with HIV and AIDS;
  • Facilitation and undertaking the development of relevant research and knowledge creation;
  • Creation and provision of opportunities for strengthening partnerships – local, national and international
  • Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS in all activities of the university.

AIDS Resource Center

  • Providing an extensive range of information services on HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and RH.
  • Free Broadband and wireless Internet Service
  • Bringing HIV, STI and RH related magazines, broachers, posters from different partners and distribute among university community
  • IEC/BCC materials development

Partners or Collaborators

  • Federal HAPCO
  • SNNPR Health Bureau
  • Hawassa town administration Health Dept.
  • CDC
  • LIA Ethiopia
  • IFHP

Contact Us

Email:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office Phone: +251 462 206975
P.O.Box:  05
Hawassa University
Hawassa, Ethiopia


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Armaye Assefa
Director, Corporate Communication & Marketing Directorate

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