Legal Service Directorate


Ensuring the Rule of Law in the University


Protecting the legal interest of the University, Improving Good Governance and ensuring Enforcement of law

Main Activities/ Objectives:

  • Advisory services to top Officials of the University
  • Defending the legal cases when the University is sued,
  • Appalling the legal cases when the Judgments of courts or Other Administrative decisions passed in favor of other parties,
  • Sue (Civil and Administrative) cases to protect the legal interest of the University,
  • Monitor and Control activities of different branch or body of the University where they performing their activities in respect of Law, 
  • Prepare and give different  type of trainings to different group, to create awareness on legal aspect to administrative staff of the university,
  • Preparing and Commenting different type of contracts, such as Service Agreement of Instructors and Other related contract signed by the University,  
  • Inform and follow-up Criminal cases, and
  • Other legal related cases.   

Contact Address:

Legal Service Directorate

P.O.Box: 05
Tel: +251-462-20-4804
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Hawassa University
Hawassa, Ethiopia